Trevor Siemian starts this week, Paxton Lynch starts second week


The Broncos released a depth chart on Monday that listed Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch as their starting quarterback.

For Thursday night’s game against the Bears, it will be Siemian. Coach Vance Joseph made the announcement on Monday and it leaves the pecking order the same as it was when the 2016 season came to an end.

Joseph added that Lynch will get the start against the 49ers in the second week of the preseason.

The two quarterbacks have rotated with the first team throughout training camp and Joseph has not set any deadline to make a decision for the regular season, but a recent report indicated that Siemian is ahead of Lynch in the competition. In a dispatch from Broncos camp, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reported that Lynch’s “good days has been — at best — on par with Siemian’s good days” while his bad days have been “exponentially worse” than Siemian’s poor outings.

That report also pegs Siemian as steady but unspectacular, so there would seem to be room for Lynch to change things with strong outings in the preseason. Siemian gets the first crack at making his case, however.

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  1. How painful for the Bronk-Hos if Oswieler shows he can play in Cleveland. A long shot, but regardless, things don’t look good with an unproven coach, qb, and the Raiders and Chiefs more competitive.

  2. If you have watched as many games as I have of both, I am here to tell you Trevor Siemian’s game, and style of play, and body type, are all very similar to the great Joe Montana. Give the kid a couple years and he will really blossom. Montana wasn’t a strong armed QB, but he was great under pressure and he was accurate over short to medium routes. I think Trevor exhibits those same qualities.

  3. If your first round pick and second year QB (that you traded up for) can’t clearly beat out a mediocre, late round journeyman type QB, then you got HUGE problems. Can you say, “Bust!”? Sure you can, unless you’re the GM who overspent to get him.

  4. I personally haven’t watched either guy play too much, but I would like to see Paxton get the nodd. Some say Siemian is the better qb though, either way, good luck Broncos on your season. #FootballIsAmongUs

    -A Redskins fan

  5. Lynch was probably the number one player overall in last year’s draft, and Elway stole him. Siemian was also a major steal a couple years ago. The Broncos have two really good QBs. They’ll let them both show their skills and wait for the offers to start coming in on Siemian. The combined salaries of the two aren’t much, so the Broncos are in a great situation.

  6. How can you compare Joe Montana to Trevor “Checkdown Charlie” Siemian ?

    You obviously don’t watch the games!

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