Kevin Colbert thinks Roethlisberger has a lot left, but “we have to be prepared”


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won’t play in Friday night’s game against the Giants, leaving rookie Josh Dobbs to get the start in his first game as a professional.

After an offseason that started with Roethlisberger bringing up the prospect of retiring and continued with the quarterback making no commitments beyond playing in 2017, it’s hard not to see Dobbs’ start as a harbinger of what life without Roethlisberger will look like for the Steelers. Whether it is Dobbs or someone else, General Manager Kevin Colbert said “we have to be prepared” for what comes next at quarterback even if he doesn’t see a player who looks ready to hang up the cleats.

“I think there’s a lot of football left,” Colbert said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “But Ben has had a great career to this point. If he walked away he’s going to be a Hall of Fame candidate no matter what happens from this point on. But when I watch him, I see a lot of fire. … But in reality he’s 35 years old. Then again you look at the great quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, like Tom Brady. This is really where they cemented their legacy, from 35 to 40ish range, and of course Brady’s still doing it.”

Seeing Roethlisberger in uniform and playing well for five more years would be the Steelers’ first choice for the quarterback position, but getting a glimpse at Dobbs on Friday night and over the rest of the preseason should help as Colbert formulates backup plans.

8 responses to “Kevin Colbert thinks Roethlisberger has a lot left, but “we have to be prepared”

  1. “As for us, we respect the past here and there, and we spare it, above all, provided that it consents to be dead. If it insists on being alive, we attack it, and we try to kill it.”

    – Victor Hugo (Cincinnati Bengals)

  2. I was hoping to go a week without another Ben retirement article. Seriously. Its nearly as annoying as a Kardashian.

  3. This QB Over the years has taken a beating. Mostly from extending plays. I believe it’s caught up to Ben. He is just plain ol wore out. Probably why he talked retirement. Getting the team used to him going year to year.

  4. My guess would be if you talk retirement or talk year to year you either not enjoying the game anymore or you don’t think you have a shot at a SB. The Steelers are a very talented team and a SB appearance is very realistic, so maybe, just maybe Ben’s not having the fun he once had. Maybe the thrill is gone but the $ keeps him coming back.

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