Which players are you most eager to see in the preseason?

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Two games down, 63 to go, and three more hours of PFT Live coming at you soon.

Our question of the day, which not only promotes interaction but also gives us easy content, focuses on the games that don’t count by asking you which players you’re most eager to see in the games that don’t count.

List your choices below (you can include players who have already played in the two games that have been played), explain why, and then tune in for the show at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio and at 7:00 a.m. ET on NBCSN.

Guests include 49ers defensive end Solomon Thomas and PFT’s Darin Gantt.

15 responses to “Which players are you most eager to see in the preseason?

  1. Zay Jones & Anquan Boldin… On the first day of camp together Taylor & Boldin looked like they were already in sync from their time in Baltimore together. Jones was brought in because they thought he could help move the chains. I want to know which of these two guys will be playing the #2 role to Watkins and which might play the Slot?

  2. As a Browns fan – Myles Garrett, Deshone Kizer and just out of pure curiosity, Christian McCaffrey.

  3. I am most eager to see the guys who are lowest on the depth chart
    playing in the preseason.

    I would like to see all the starters healthy in the WEEK ONE.

    Have A Nice Day.

  4. Im an Eagles fan, but Im honestly excited to see Christian McCaffrey. I had hoped he would be there when we picked, but Carolina was smart. He has an amazing blend of speed with talent to match. I think he could be the next big thing.

    As far as the preseason…eh…starters aren’t playing even 1 full game out of the 4 combined, so what does it matter. Its nice to watch the first and second quarters, but preseason games are 50% of the reason I gave up my season tickets. Paying $400 for 2 weeknight games that don’t matter pitting 5th and 6th stringers against another teams does not interest me.

  5. I’m most excited to see Derek Barnett (Eagles 1st round pick). Did not see any games of his at TN, nor do I know much about him. His scouting evals and the grades given to the Birds for the pick were all over the place.

  6. Raiders fan – That said, I want to see Christian McCaffrey. I’m a PAC 12 guy. I really hope he is a homerun for the Panthers. I also want to see the Bears QB’s. I don’t like Glennon. I don’t like how Trubisky (sp) was dragged down after the pick and hope that he has a great career for Da Bears.

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