John Harbaugh: Ryan Mallett played winning football

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In the regular season, the final score of the game tends to cover many sins as long as your team comes out on top.

The preseason generally doesn’t work that way, but Ravens coach John Harbaugh went that route on Thursday night when he was asked about quarterback Ryan Mallett‘s play. Mallett started the game with Joe Flacco still bothered by a back issue and went 9-of-18 for 58 yards in a first half that saw him struggle to hit open receivers down the field.

The Ravens defense stifled the Redskins while that was going on and the Ravens took a 13-0 lead into the locker room at halftime, leaving Harbaugh to focus solely on the score when asked to evaluate Mallett’s play.

“I thought he played winning football,” Harbaugh said. “He played good football, just what we asked him to do.”

The Ravens were playing without many offensive pieces, including their top three wide receivers and their starting guards, so struggles on that side of the ball aren’t a major surprise. That may not make anyone feel any more comfortable with the prospect of Mallett as the starting quarterback, but the word from Baltimore remains that Flacco will be back in time to avoid that fate.

9 responses to “John Harbaugh: Ryan Mallett played winning football

  1. Oh geez, even Ravens fans like me see through the b.s. Harbs is running. I was out there last night and Mallett stunk. The absence of see several starters on offense had nothing to do with his errant play. The camp arms looked better than he did.

  2. Before everyone bashes Harbaugh, please keep this in mind:

    Harbaugh had his glasses on last night, he’s not blind, and he’s certainly not a moron. Everyone saw that Mallet crapped the bed but what is a head coach to do? Tell reporters his starting QB was crap and that he sucked so bad they called Kaepernick at halftime?

    He said he played “Good football” for those of you who don’t know Harbaughisms, good football = shape up or get out. Harbaugh is one of the most excitable coaches in the league, if he’s not excited and jumping for joy then you messed up big time.

    Learn to read between the lines people…

  3. Femi Ayanbadejo said it best this morning… “I was watching Mallett’s short, mid and long progressions and I couldn’t tell which one he was trying to throw to when the ball left his hand”. Mallett either overthrew or was short on almost every throw last night. 4 of his 9 completions were to running backs. This dude is lost.

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