Rams aren’t shopping Tavon Austin

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The arrival of Robert Woods via free agency, Cooper Kupp via the draft, and Sammy Watkins via trade has suddenly given the Rams a crowded house at receiver. But this doesn’t mean Tavon Austin is the odd man out.

Per multiple sources, the Rams aren’t shopping Austin — and don’t intend to. As one source put it, the Rams believe that the more weapons they have on offense, the better off they’ll be.

Of course, before Austin can be a weapon in games, he needs to be a participant in practice. After missing the offseason program following wrist surgery, Austin has been out for much of camp with a hamstring problem.

His contract is definitely tradeable, with a base salary of $3 million this year and total compensation of $8 million in 2018. However, the Rams already have paid a roster bonus of more than $11 million for 2017. That would be a lot to eat if they were to move on.

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  1. If another team gave them any offer that meant they could unload his salary and sign Donald then Tavon would be out the door.

  2. So Watkins, Woods and Kupp make for a crowded WR corps? It’s a crowded group of MEDIOCRE wideouts. And that includes Austin. Can any of them be counted on? I think not.

    I’d say that foursome is still in the bottom half of WR corps today.

  3. I wonder if Austin gives Fisher a percentage of his contract. No other team in the NFL would’ve given him $10 mill/yr.

  4. gbpackfan3 says:
    August 11, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Goff will surprise people this year


    Goof isn’t going to a good NFL QB…mark it.

  5. The mysterious source secretly hopes that someone hearing
    these sham denials, will make an offer for Austin, who has now
    become expendable.

  6. How Snead continues to destroy this team is beyond belief.
    1. Austin’s salary is a joke and its on Snead not Fisher.
    2. Lets recap today. Trade a high #2 pick and a descent player for an often hurt
    WR on a one year contract. Brilliant? What a joke this franchise is and the
    people that run it. It’s not like the franchise is loaded with draft picks after the
    Goof tragedy.

  7. Austin needs to go and he will be gone after the season , Donald needs to get in camp as the Rams will not and can not pay him at this point in time . I think with T.J. getting franchised this year they will give Donald his cash next year and let T.J. and Austin go…just hoping that happens

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