Elvis Dumervil: Rashard Robinson can be better than Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson


As a rookie last season, 49ers cornerback Rashard Robinson started six games and recorded one interception. This year, teammate Elvis Dumervil thinks Robinson is going to take a big step forward.

Dumervil, the 33-year-old pass rusher who’s in his first season in San Francisco, told reporters he thinks Robinson is going to be an elite player.

“I’m excited about Rashard Robinson,” Dumervil said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “I think he can be the best corner in this division.”

It was pointed out to Dumervil that if he’s saying Robinson can be the best corner in the division, he’s saying Robinson can be better than Arizona’s Patrick Peterson and Seattle’s Richard Sherman.

“That’s what I’m telling you,” Dumervil said. “I know who the corners are.”

That’s some high praise for Robinson. Dumervil is giving his young teammate a lot to live up to.

18 responses to “Elvis Dumervil: Rashard Robinson can be better than Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson

  1. Does SF have an Earl Thomas & Kam Chancellor patrolling the back end of their secondary that I’m not aware of? I tend to believe that they help Dick Sherman quite a bit.

  2. Easy there big guy. Let’s just take it day by day and see how it all plays out.

    The kids got some ability but, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Considering the fact he was torched by Tyreke Hill less then a week ago

  3. The Niners have Eric Reid and Jimmy Ward back there. Reid has already been a probowler and I think they’ve finally found a position for Ward to settle into. K’Waun Williams is settling in too. I think the secondary will start making a name for themselves soon.

    I’m a Niners fan and Robinson had a 3 bad plays last week but some good plays too. I was a little worried with what I saw but the Niners coaching staff is really really high on him. I am excited to see what we have with him.

  4. Holy hyperbole Batman, pump your brakes. Robinson has a long way to go, to be sure he’s shown flashes but has also has A LOT to learn. The only thing he matches Sherman on at this point is his arrogance. Even after he wiffs on a tackle or gets burned for a large gain he yaps and struts around with the swagger of a shutdown CB.

  5. I honestly thought that Elvis had left the building. Regardless, the last time I checked he hasn’t played with Sherman or Peterson, and it’s doubtful that an OLB is looking at CB tapes.

  6. LSU fan here.

    This kid is really good.
    No, he’s not PP7, but who Is?

    He’s long and uber athletic.
    More people would know about him had he not had academic issues at LSU.

    Way to rep DBU!

  7. What’s surprising here is that Baalke may have screwed up and picked someone with ‘actual’ talent. I did see him give up a long play to the Chiefs to start the game which is more like someone Baalke ‘would’ pick.

  8. Richard Charmin was praising Tharold Simon last season. Simon is no longer a Seahawk. Not sure where he is but he was cut. Therefore we need to take these praises with a grain of salt.

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