Cowboys begin second phase of camp next week at home training facility

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The Cowboys held their final full practice in Oxnard, Calif., on Thursday morning. They head home Friday and begin training camp at The Star, their home facility in Frisco, Texas, next week.

Despite having an indoor practice facility that seats 12,000, the Cowboys will return to Oxnard next season to begin training camp. They have a year left on their contract, with an option for a two-year extension.

The Cowboys have trained in Oxnard 12 times since 2001, including the past six seasons.

“As long as we keep having a good experience and the people of Oxnard have been great, I don’t see that changing,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The Cowboys will have six practices open to fans at their home facility at the Ford Center. Jones said the Cowboys expect to have more practices at home in 2018, meaning they likely shorten their stay in Oxnard.

“A lot of fans who don’t get see us play at AT&T Stadium will get the opportunity to come to The Star and be a part of what our team is all one about,” Jones said.

6 responses to “Cowboys begin second phase of camp next week at home training facility

  1. Dallas Cowboys PHASE TWO:

    – Evasive driving
    – Evidence disposal
    – Polygraph countermeasures

  2. Phase II – Ezekiel Elliot attorney’s file federal lawsuit against NFL for 20 million dollars claiming the league’s protracted investigation has interfered with endorsement deals and a six-game suspension without evidence of guilt has left prospective financial opportunities in a stasis. Meanwhile, Tiffany Thompson, the alleged victim is in negotiations with HarperCollins Publishing for a book deal.

  3. Thats great news. So much easier to see your parole officer, make your court date or be back in your cell on time when you practice at home.

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