Browns waiver claim busted with marijuana over the weekend

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Apparently, there’s only one way to celebrate being claimed off waivers by the Cleveland Browns.

According to Katherine Peralta of the Charlotte Observer, Browns defensive tackle T.Y. McGill was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana this weekend in Charlotte.

It should be noted, McGill was cut by the Colts Saturday, and claimed by the Browns Sunday.

But around 12:15 a.m. Saturday, he was caught by an Alcohol Law Enforcement outside a hotel with “a small amount” of marijuana. Officers said he initially denied it, but was eventually cooperative.

McGill played at N.C. State, and was on hand for the alma mater’s game in Charlotte against South Carolina. (He lost that one too.) He now has an Oct. 24 court date.

He’ll now face further scrutiny and potential punishment from the NFL.

8 responses to “Browns waiver claim busted with marijuana over the weekend

  1. Wait. So he was busted as a Colt Saturday morning. Claimed by the Browns on Sunday (likely without knowledge of the bust). And your lead is that he is ‘celebrating being claimed by the Browns.’? Is he a wizard? Could he see into the future? If so he probably should have noticed those cops in his future…

  2. Please stop punishing people for doing absolutely nothing wrong but having a plant in their pocket that makes their netflix streams funnier and tacos tastier. The only thing weed is a gateway to is poptarts.

  3. Without getting into the social or political issues of weed, the guy knows the league will not put up with it –so likely just made a reckless career ending decision. He’s already scrapping the bottom of the roster. Where’s his self-discipline and common sense?

  4. I’m in Seattle and there are two weed stores across from my house . Been there over a year now and nobody has died yet .This idea that ruining somebody’s life with an arrest is good for anybody is stupid . The reason they keep this drug war against the American people going is so they can keep stealing people’s property ! PERIOD !

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