Dolphins will be ready if Bucs game has to be moved up for Hurricane Irma


With Hurricane Irma making its way across the Atlantic Ocean, the Dolphins are doing their best to be prepared for both the storm and the Buccaneers.

But if the storm dictates playing the game at some point other than Sunday at 1 p.m., they’ll be ready for that too.

“We’ve been training for this game for a while,” Dolphins coach Adam Gase said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “Whatever they tell us to do, we’re just going to do. Just go with the flow.

“It doesn’t matter what week it is. If they tell us they changed the game, we’ll just go with it.”

The Dolphins returned to practice Monday, but have been getting their game plan ready for weeks prior to the start of the regular season. So if the storm track dictates playing the game on Thursday or Friday, they’ll be prepared

While the Bucs and the Dolphins both have Nov. 18 byes, no one really wants to push that button, as it would mean 16 straight weeks of games for those two teams.

The Dolphins organization has been through this drill before. In 2004, they moved a game ahead a day, and in 2005, Hurricane Wilma caused the league to move a Chiefs-Dolphins game up two days.

4 responses to “Dolphins will be ready if Bucs game has to be moved up for Hurricane Irma

  1. This is a major Cat 4 hurricane and it has Florida squarely in its sights! The NFL should consider moving the game out of state to a neutral site. Florida residents should be concentrating on preparing for this storm, and/or evacuating before it arrives. Even if they move the game to Friday night, it’s still a distraction from what should be happening….and that Florida residents don’t need.

    Hopefully this storm turns north and goes out into the Atlantic, away from land! But if it stays on track toward the US, the NFL should step in tomorrow and move the game out of state. (Maybe Georgia or Tennessee??)

  2. I don’t think moving it geographically is the answer. Football fans want their games to be played and ticket holders want to attend. Change the time and it will be fine. Whatever the league decides they better do it soon though.

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