Jay Gruden on Su’a Cravens: Sometimes personal life is more important


In a post to social media, Redskins safety Su'a Cravens addressed his placement on the exempt/left squad list by saying that he needs “to follow what makes me happy, get my mental right, my well-being right, my family right.”

Cravens reportedly told the team over the weekend that he was thinking about retiring from football, something that has come up for him in the past and which led to the roster housekeeping that leaves him and the team with a month to work out what’s going on.

During a Tuesday press conference, Redskins coach Jay Gruden said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post, that he thinks Cravens has handled things in a professional way and still wants to play football, but that he understands “there are some things weighing on his mind he has to take care of.”

“Sometimes your personal life is more important,” Gruden said.

None of that creates much clarity about Cravens’ long-term future with the team or in the NFL, but it seems pretty clear that they’re going to be moving on without him in the near term.

4 responses to “Jay Gruden on Su’a Cravens: Sometimes personal life is more important

  1. Kudos to Gruden. Life is much more than 60 minutes of head bashing. At the end of the day this young man’s well-being, mental health and family trump anything football related.

  2. Chubbs Gruden ONLY HAS A POINT when you stand up like a man and make your decision where it does little to damage your TEAM. The fact is Cravens should have done this during last January – he fuddled around and used social media instead of manning up and coming out directly and telling his fans and his teammate. I loathe everything about this guy because you don’t pull stunts like this if you are truly a good person – this is a selfish move in the way it was done and when it was done.

    I also expect him to give back every penny he hasn’t earned and hopefully the team will go after him like no tomorrow to get it.

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