Adrian Peterson insists he’s still an elite running back

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Saints running back Adrian Peterson is 32 years old and has had two knee surgeries, including one last season for a torn meniscus. Yet, don’t tell Peterson he’s no longer one of the league’s top running backs.

“It’s just always crazy sitting back and seeing how, just because, you know, I’m 32 now, people say, ‘Oh, well, he’s losing it because this back or that back lost it around that time,'” Peterson said, via the Associated Press. “But you erase the [2015] season when I came back after sitting out for a year and led the league in rushing.”

Peterson played 13 plays in the preseason, with seven touches for 14 yards against the Texans after missing most of last season, his final of 10 seasons in Minnesota. Peterson said he was willing to renegotiate his contract to stay with the Vikings, who declined to exercise his $18 million option. But Peterson used the Vikings’ signing of running back Latavius Murray as his sign it was time to find a new home.

“For me to have an exit meeting and the next time I talked to them I was getting a call at 1 o’clock in the morning saying we’re signing Latavius Murray, that’s no ego blow for me,” Peterson said. “For me, that’s motivation. Congratulations. Now I can move on and take my abilities somewhere else.”

Peterson signed with the Saints and will share carries with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. He makes his debut with his new team playing his old team.

“I’m pretty excited about it,” Peterson said. “Just trying to keep myself calm until Monday night comes around. I’m looking for amazing things to happen for me and our team.”

42 responses to “Adrian Peterson insists he’s still an elite running back

  1. and Vikings fans insist he is not elite. don’t you need to play more than ten games every three years to be considered elite??

  2. I wish he would have retired playing his entire career in Minnesota. I understand the business side of it, but it’s weird seeing him in another jersey.

    Maybe if they would have kept AD and drafter Cook, that would have been awesome, but Murray and Cook are both 3 down backs, so I won’t be to upset about it.

    Prove em wrong AD, just not this week.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if AP had one or even 2 more very productive seasons left. What will hurt him is he’s playing in a pass heavy offense and he is an average to above average pass catcher which may limit the number of downs he can play in. Plus he’ll be sharing the backfield and at best be back 1B to Ingram’s 1A.

  4. Peterson is done , I don’t expect much of anything out him this year. He lingered on the free agent forever for a reason, if u have to insist your still an Elite back chances are you’re no longer an Elite back.

  5. Could have been worse, he could have been stuck in Minnesota for another year. The NFL’s version of purgatory. Coldest NFL winters according to the National Weather Service and they have never won a Super Bowl. I would take New Orleans too!

  6. like him or not he is one of those guys who can defy the odds and go off in a game at any time. i got him in the 10 round of fantasy and im tempted to play him this week just because i can see him making the vikings pay big time in this game.

  7. For him to stay healthy a whole season he needs to get reduced touches, he also needs to change his playing style, which also helped contribute to wear and tear and injuries.

    I don’t see him wanting, or being able to both of them.

  8. Adrian Peterson has proven throughout his career to be a physical freak. Until he shows me he is not and elite running back, he has earned the benefit of the doubt

  9. It amazes me how many people are haters. It’s sad.

    What did you expect him to say? What would you say if you were in his shoes?

  10. Every time I see his name or hear him talk it makes me sick. I’d say for the sake of his 7 kids with 7 different kids I hope he gets a couple more years of pay days. But we all know those kids would have been better of with a good father with no money. Nothing worse than a bad parent and he’s exactly that.

  11. One career playoff win in his 10 year career. Meanwhile, Ty Montgomery, a true 2nd year WR, already has more playoff wins as a RB than AP.

    It takes more than rushing yards to earn the title of “Elite”, Adrienne.

  12. One career playoff win in his 10 year career. Meanwhile, Ty Montgomery, a true 2nd year WR, already has more playoff wins as a RB than AP.

    It takes more than rushing yards to earn the title of “Elite”, Adrienne.

  13. Ap was a Great Runner and could break many tackles and made a lot of nice cuts…. But the guy couldn’t block,couldn’t catch well out of the backfield & he fumbled way to much. But It was time for the Vikings to move on from paying a way over priced vet who couldn’t stay healthy and no longer fit the Vikings system.

    Ap couldn’t run out of the pistol / shotgun so we wanted to throw the ball more and not just build the franchise around 1 player anymore.

  14. Nobody knows. That’s the simple truth. Hope he doesn’t do much on Monday night. After that, I wish him the best of luck. He gave us a lot of years of great football. No ill will from me.

  15. He’s not going to be counted on as much in New Orleans as all these haters think. He’ll get his touches and the Saints will still have the Number 1 offense like last year or at least a Top 5 offense that they’ve had for the last decade.

  16. Its too bad he didn’t tell the Vikings in that meeting that he’d play for the amount of money he is playing for New Orleans now. He could’ve stayed on the team & retired a Viking.

  17. AP isn’t human, remember when he came back early from the ACL injury and went nuts? The same guy is there, the passing game is going to open up their rushing attack even more and AP will be AP. Elite is elite and I don’t think he ever won’t be.

  18. If AD goes off on his old team that still doesn’t mean he is elite. Wait until the season is over to make that call. At 32 he might be able to go off once in a while but can he still sustain that level for a whole season? We don’t know that now.

  19. I think you all may not be aware of what his role will be…. very simple. I dare you to blitz with Peterson in the backfield. Look for around 120 carries for the year, and 6-7 yds/art. Play action to open up the field for Breed, and the threat of the draw to keep the blitz off. As a Vikings fan, I honestly believe this is a great pairing for both parties and probably extends the relevance of the Saints offense a few more years. Good luck Saints….after week 1

  20. I think Dalvin Cook will be the best RB on the field Monday Night. Not saying he’s elite- but he can run and probably better than a 32 y.o. AD. He can also do two things Peterson was very limited in doing; catch passes and (even more so) pick up a blitz.

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