Jeffrey Lurie working to change NFL rule against alternate helmets

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The NFL does not allow teams to wear alternate helmets, reasoning that once a player finds a helmet with a perfect fit, he shouldn’t change it for appearance. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie wants to change that.

Lurie wants the Eagles to wear alternate uniforms that feature the old kelly green color, and he wants that to include kelly green helmets.

“We don’t really think the midnight green helmet with the kelly green uniform is what we want or the fans really want,” Lurie said. “I don’t think it matches very well. So we’re trying to get it where they will let us use a kelly green helmet. We go through so many helmets in a game; the players go through, I don’t know, seven or eight helmets in a season, maybe more? So I say, can’t we just paint it that way and move it around? But you can’t without league approval and they have some issues they’re dealing with, where the players have to approve it, and the players association has to approve it. That’s the holdup. I don’t know that they’ve had those discussions but my hope is that by next offseason I’m going to try to push those discussions forward. And we’re not the only team. There’s other teams that want to see two helmets.”

The NFL has allowed alternate helmets in the past, and college teams still use alternate helmets, and there have been no reports of increasing concussions in games with alternate helmets. So Lurie may have a good case that the league’s excessive caution about alternate helmets is unnecessary.

12 responses to “Jeffrey Lurie working to change NFL rule against alternate helmets

  1. I still don’t understand why they can’t just paint the dark green helmet to the Kelly green prior to the game. But maybe I’ve just seen Rudy too many times.

  2. WOW Jeff, nice to see you get excited about SOMETHING. Maybe you could show the Eagles fans the same type of enthusiasm about getting the Eagles top notch talent so we can win a Super Bowl. You’ve owned the team for 23 years and seem content not bringing a championship to Philadelphia. And yes I am bitter about that.

  3. Safety isn’t as important in Philadelphia as matching the color. It’s not like concussions are a big problem or anything.

  4. Considering the advent of a horrendous hurricane season, a story about a fashion preference seems oddly out of place.

  5. The “midnight green ” Ray Rhodes brought to the Eagles ruined the Eagles uniforms. They had great uni’s with the kelly green. That ugly shade of green with black is horrible. And the fact loser Rhodes brought it over was to copy your rival, should make it unacceptable. Change the uniforms back Lurie.

  6. I agree on this – honestly, some player getting a haircut or a shave will have a greater impact on helmet fit than allowing a virtually identical helmet to be used by a player. Besides that, players are individually allowed to change helmets at their own request, so why not just ask all the players on a team if they are willing to wear an alternate one – if they all agree, go for it, if not, trot out a stupidly mismatched helmet with a horrible throwback jersey.

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