Andy Dalton: I didn’t give us a chance to win


The Bengals were held scoreless in a season opener for the first time since 1979 on Sunday afternoon and the play of their quarterback was a big reason for the shutout.

Andy Dalton threw four interceptions and lost a fumble as the Ravens rolled to a 20-0 win in Cincinnati. A couple of the picks came on tipped balls and Dalton was playing behind an offensive line that allowed a lot of pressure on the way to five Baltimore sacks, but pointed the finger at himself after the game.

“We didn’t make any plays,” Dalton said, via Jay Morrison of the Dayton Daily News. “It starts with me. It’s my fault. I didn’t play well at all and didn’t give us a chance to win.”

Coach Marvin Lewis called it a “disappointing” game, which shows a flair for understatement if nothing else. He’ll have just a few days to figure out a way to avoid another one against the Texans on Thursday.

20 responses to “Andy Dalton: I didn’t give us a chance to win

  1. Dalton has always been a stand up guy.

    He never throws the offensive line under the bus.

    Even when they deserve it (5 sacks).

  2. Maybe the Ravens deserve some credit for just flat out dominating them because they’re an ultra talented defense.

  3. The Bengals let a few lineman leave in free agency and did not replace them. It is not a huge surprise they got dominated by the Ravens front. But the number of INTs by Dalton is a bit of a surprise.

    Ravens should have a very solid defense this year. That being said, Flacco and the offense…..might be rather hit or miss.

  4. Dalton deserves some criticism for his performance today, but lets be real. 5 sacks and as the announcer pointed out, the receivers were tightly covered all day. What’s he supposed to do? Brady wouldn’t perform well in that situation. And with that coaching staff?

  5. Some of it was his fault today some of it was his line. Ravens defense is not a pushover as well. It’s either you get good Andy or bad Andy there is really not a middle ground with him. That line has got to protect him though Obueghi looks awful again and Fisher is not that great either. Putting Andre Smith back in at RT would be an upgrade. Suggs ate Obueghi for lunch today it was hard to watch. Dalton also deserves some of the blame as well that red zone pick is inexcusable. They’ve got to get it together I don’t want to see him get sacked 80 times this year. And putting in McCarron is not the solution he did nothing to impress in the preseason and he has not showed anything more than being a low end starter and top backup in the starts he’s had.

  6. the NFL has a big problem they need to fix:
    ALOT of teams have no worthwhile QB and offensive linemen. The NFL needs to stop relying on the colleges to provide talent and create a D-league to teach these young men the proper techniques to play professional football.

  7. Ken Zampese will prove to be Marvin Lewis’s final straw. I can’t imagine someone being so bad you wish you had Bratkowski back, but…

  8. Not sure when the Bengals O-line/asst. head coach, Paul Alexander, finally takes long deserved heat for years of over rated lines. Odds are, he’s the next head coach after Marvin. Cedric Ogbuehi is the second coming of Rod “Swinging Gate” Jones. He’s lost out there.

  9. Lucky for the Bengals, they play the Texans next.

    Lucky for the Texans, they play the Bengals next.

    What a crappy Thursday night game that will be.

  10. Agree with friscokid49 on devp league.

    Bring back NFL Europe…guys like Kitna and Warner came out of there. NFL wants a European presence, make them the minors.

    It was kind of fun to watch my teams’ players during the spring.

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