Cam Newton leaves without talking about shoulder, or anything


Cam Newton‘s press conference after Sunday’s win over the 49ers was clearly his best performance at a podium in his last two trips to Santa Clara.

The fact he didn’t have one today doesn’t change that fact.

Via Bill Voth of the team’s official website, Newton was pulled aside for a drug test after the game, and apparently that was enough of a reason to not talk. He’s typically a slow dresser, one of the last players to become available after any game, but he eventually ends up talking.

Newton overcame a rough first half (8-of-19 passing) in his first game, but the Panthers won his first game back after shoulder surgery, so it wasn’t going to be that much of an inquisition. Mostly, it’s a reminder that he does things when he feels like it, because most other players are able to provide a sample in the hour or so between a game ending and the busses rolling out.

For his critics, it will bring back memories of a post-Super Bowl pout, when he mumbled a few answers before walking away. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait until he gets home and has time to hydrate (and then unhydrate) to see how his surgically repaired shoulder held up.

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  1. Cam is an unlikely lightning rod for criticism. He does a ton of charity work and seems to truly love his son. Heck, he even has show on NickToons. Seems like a nice, and happy, guy.

  2. Why haven’t the Panthers signed Kapernikick yet? Ya know…as insurance against Cams surgically repaired throwing shoulder…why haven’t the Panthers been pressured to answer this question?…

  3. Panthers D played well, McCaffrey looked good but Cam didn’t. He looked a little slow and he was way off on a lot of throws, throwing too high and too hard which has been a common theme for his career. Could just be because it’s his first live action since the surgery, but he’ll have to play better to make the playoffs. I’m sure he’ll get it together.

  4. kepickle says:
    September 10, 2017 at 10:46 pm
    lol I would talk to you low life Media fools either


    Now THAT’S a great sentence!
    The ‘would’/’either’ juxtaposition in concert with ‘fools’ takes the whole oxymoronic comedy level up to nonsensically absurd!

  5. I don’t know what was worse, Clete Blakeman’s crew or 49ers offense?

    Foster gets significantly injured from the o lineman holding and twisting him down to the ground- completely allowed by this JV stripes crew. Several crucial PI’s not called on panthers’ DB’s. Marquis Goodwin gets blasted on the other side of the fat stripe, five yards out of bounds.

    Refs must have been pocketing some nice under the table cash today.

  6. It’s hard to get open on third down when the DB is holding the front and the back of your jersey for 15 yards.

    Clete and his co-conspirators really Bleeped the results of that game.

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