Panthers just miss a shutout, hammer 49ers 23-3


No, Cam Newton isn’t quite right yet. No, it might not matter for a few weeks.

The Panthers made easy work of the 49ers Sunday, with a 23-3 road win.

Newton threw for 171 yards and two touchdowns, but was just 14-of-25 passing in his first extensive action since his surgery in March on his throwing shoulder. He threw just two passes in his one preseason game, so some degree of rust was anticipated.

He was fortunate to have a defense which could carry them this year. Carolina stopped the 49ers on three fourth-down conversation attempts (rookie coach Kyle Shanahan was all¯_(ツ)_/¯), and the Panthers sacked 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer four times.

They held the 49ers to 217 yards of total offense.

The Panthers take on the Bills next week and the Saints after that, so they’re fortunate to open with a workable early stretch of the schedule.

They’ll hope Newton doesn’t come up sore like his early training camp setback, but for the moment, he has a little margin for error.

13 responses to “Panthers just miss a shutout, hammer 49ers 23-3

  1. It’s gonna be another rough season.

    Foster goes down and once again now our linebacker corp is a liability, along with our secondary. SO yeah maybe 4-12 if we’re lucky.

    I expect Seattle will take out it’s frustration about their loss today on their favorite punching bag next week.

  2. Kyle is currently leaking the blame game to his new trusted contract at the Chronicle. Nothing is ever a Shanahan’s fault.

  3. It’s a good think Shanahan has such a noble commanding physical presence, and exudes the regal gift of being a strong, confident leader of men. Sure wouldn’t last long based on his offensive game planning.

  4. 49ers suck today. They need a quarterback! Also, I hate to say it but Bowman looks old. Soon as Foster left, the defense looked like nothing. If they want to rebuild they need a QB! 0-2 after next week….

  5. joetoronto says:

    September 10, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    The 49ers are a dumpster fire, what a joke of a team

    Your Las Vegas Raiders have no defense so expect a quick exit from the playoffs.

  6. Its the first game in a total rebuild. Its hardly fire everyone time. Anyone who thinks this is going to be a massive improvement is in cloud cuckoo land. The talent on this roster is nothing like as strong as when Harbaugh took over in 2011. The O line will get better and Hoyer needs protecting to produce.

    Asswipes from other teams are just here trolling. Ignore them.

    Get a grip Faithful! Its the first game in a 6 year (hopefully MUCH longer) era.

    Kyle made a couple of rookie 4th down calls, he will learn.

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