Buccaneers ready to get back to normal after Hurricane Irma


Tampa escaped the worst of Hurricane Irma, and the Buccaneers are hoping to return to something resembling normal.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs are expected to announce today that Sunday’s home game against the Bears will go on as scheduled, and the team’s working its way back to town after their unexpected bye week.

When the storm forced the postponement of last week’s game in Miami, the Bucs were thrown into limbo, taking a hastily arranged bye week. Some players and staffers were evacuated to Charlotte, and the team made arrangements to practice at the University of Minnesota this week if need be.

It doesn’t appear they’ll have to go that route, as Tampa International Airport is reopening today, and the process of getting guys back in town can resume.

Their plan is to have a walk-through practice tonight and resume their normal week of preparations with a full practice tomorrow.

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  1. Here in Wisconsin we take care of cities and state, we also know how to win playoff games and Superbowls every now and then.
    I LOVE Wisconsin! It’s my second favorite state. But they do not get Hurricanes. Due to the cool temperatures you don’t even get very many tornado’s. No earthquakes either. You stay relatively natural disaster free. That makes it a lot easier to take care of your city and state for sure. Lastly Michigan has the 8th largest population by state. Wisconsin is the 20th most populated state. The more people the harder it is to operate. You can’t just start kicking people out of a state. And I’d guarantee you don’t want them all coming to your state to look for work.

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