Jaguars will be home Sunday to face the Titans

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The Jaguars returned to Jacksonville on Tuesday, but there was some uncertainty about whether Everbank Field would be ready to host Sunday’s game against the Titans after Hurricane Irma thrashed the city.

The team announced on Tuesday afternoon that the show will go on, however. Jaguars owner Shad Khan also announced that the team will make a $1 million donation to the First Coast Relief Fund to help the recovery effort in the city.

“Jacksonville gets labeled as ‘small market,’ but it has a heart bigger than any community I’ve been associated with in my life,” Khan said.  “Jacksonville will recover and come back stronger than ever, but who couldn’t use a little help from our friends? I’m hoping that our sponsors, partners and fans will think of Florida’s First Coast Relief Fund this week and give what they can.  Then, we gather Sunday at EverBank Field to show the world we’re back in a big way, as a team and as a community.  This is Jax As One.”

The team will donate 5,000 tickets to the game and will distribute a portion of them to first responders like Jacksonville Fire & Rescue and the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office as well as other volunteer organizations that provided assistance in recent days. Other tickets will be given to Jacksonville residents impacted by the storm and the team’s website has more information about how they will be distributed.

13 responses to “Jaguars will be home Sunday to face the Titans

  1. “Well.. it ain’t JJ’s 30+ million.. but it’s a good start. Nice effort Khan. Go Jags!”

    But how much did JJ give?

  2. Well.. it ain’t JJ’s 30+ million.. but it’s a good start. Nice effort Khan. Go Jags!

    Silly and untrue statement. Kudos to JJ for helping RAISE $30mmm but I believe $1mm was his money. Doesn’t lessen the importance but you really shouldn’t misrepresent what it is actually is.

  3. megabeast37215 says:
    September 12, 2017 at 6:01 pm
    Well.. it ain’t JJ’s 30+ million.. but it’s a good start. Nice effort Khan. Go Jags!

    Let us know when you cut your check for $1Million or more.

    September 12, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Nothing about that opinion was worthy of being in all caps

  5. Jaguars 27
    Titans 17

    Too much Jag Power running game with Fournette while the D wrecks havoc just like the way they destroyed the Texans last week all while feeding off the home crowd. Go Jags !!! #SAXSONVILLE

  6. According to one poster a while ago the AFC south will belong to the Titans for the next several years.

    We will see about that.

    Jags – 24
    Titans – 10

  7. The Titans have a real good NFL offensive line, unlike the Texans, so if the Jags D can cause even half as much havoc, that would be pretty good. Mariota >>> Bortles so they got that going for them… looking forward to a good game! Winner has a huge leg up in winning the division!

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