Patriots evaluating punt return duties without Danny Amendola

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick gushed over Saints punter Thomas Morstead, but the question left unanswered is who for Patriots is going to try to return those punts. Danny Amendola held the job until leaving with a concussion in the third quarter of the season opener.

Safety Patrick Chung replaced Amendola and had a fair catch on Dustin Colquitt‘s only punt after that.

Chung and receivers Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett appear logical candidates, but according to Adam Kurkjian of the Boston Herald, Dorsett said he has not practiced returning this week and Hogan sees himself as a backup option.

The Patriots lost Cyrus Jones in the preseason. He 11 punt returns last season.

16 responses to “Patriots evaluating punt return duties without Danny Amendola

  1. “The Patriots lost Cyrus Jones in the preseason. He 11 punt returns last season.”

    Yeah and 5 fumbles on those punts. Glad he’s not back there as it didn’t seem during the preseason that he’d overcome the confidence issue he developed last season

  2. I am available, but would be back there only to get my photo in uniform to Facebook. I’d fair-bounce it. Also, I don’t see why returners don’t take a running start at the ball more often. Coverage guys take all their cues from what the return man (men) do. Nothing like what the Rams pulled on Seattle a few years ago. If coverage guys are trying to ball-locate and start looking up, they’ll get screwed up and slow down. Coaches see butterfingers back there, so experimentation is unlikely.

  3. hatersgonnahatehate says:
    September 14, 2017 at 4:28 pm
    “LOL, that does conjure up a funny image :). Love Big Vince.”

    He did it before at the end of a practice to keep the team from having to run laps

    Actually it’s a feature of every Pats camp. If an O or D lineman can cleanly field a punt the squad gets the afternoon off.

  4. “…and Hogan sees himself as a backup option.”
    Well, this appears to be a situation that calls for a backup.

  5. Catching punts is one of the hardest things to do in football. It has nothing to do with your hands. It’s all concentration, and it helps to have good communication with your blockers. But I’d rather have a sure handed guy that can fair catch every time, than a good runner. Some of the best receivers in history couldn’t field punts. They can make every catch at practice, but not when they’re against a live defense. Some of the best punt returners are DB’s.

  6. Vince Wilfork!!!!???? – Don’t be fools, Vince can throw a decent ball (or so he always said), and so shouldn’t be risked on returns just in case he’s needed now that Pats are down to 2 QBs.

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