Seahawks look forward to return of Thomas Rawls’ “violence” in run game

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The Seahawks got a 30-yard run from rookie Chris Carson in last Sunday’s loss to the Packers, but their running backs produced just 23 yards on 14 other carries in the season opener.

Thomas Rawls was not part of that group. Rawls sat out the game with an ankle injury, but practiced on Wednesday and the expectation in Seattle is that he’ll be back for this weekend’s matchup with the 49ers. Offensive line coach Tom Cable explained what he was looking forward to seeing Rawls bring to the offense.

“Violence,” Cable said, via “Really when you think about his career, what he’s done, he’s going to come after it. He’s going to go after it every time he touches it.”

Given how often Rawls has missed time due to injuries during his career, there’s definitely pros and cons to having a violent running style and his presence when healthy didn’t do much to lift the running game last season. With a need to find something that works for the ground game, though, it’s hard to blame the Seahawks for looking for hope anywhere they might find it.

16 responses to “Seahawks look forward to return of Thomas Rawls’ “violence” in run game

  1. Carson is the future. Give the kid 25 touches and the offense will explode. Rawls is explosive but can’t stay healthy going all the way back to his high school days I’ve heard. Carson has that Terrell Davis/David Johnson build and running style…come on Carroll, give him the ball.

  2. When is Seattle gonna get rid of Bevell, and hire a real OC? 4 yards and a cloud of dust is BS. Objective should be 400 ypg or 40 points. Please compare Hawks offense to Falcons. Bevell obviously lack the skill to find out what working. That’s exactly why Packers won.

  3. So easy to troll the Seahawks on those rare occasions when when they lose. Especially when it’s the result of 11 points wiped off the scoreboard by the refs. Gonna be a while until we see you guys again tho…

  4. I picked up Carson before the season began because he looks like a stud and Rawls just can’t stay healthy. 2 games max until Rawls is on the IR and Carson then seizes the job for good!

  5. Eddie Lacy was supposed to be that type of runner. He was even saying openly before the game whether he should make a “Lambeau leap” if he scores a touchdown. So, Pete Carroll pretty much gets what he deserves. He chased Beast Mold into retirement and then out of Seattle (instead of asking him to take a pay cut to stay), thinking that Rawls can replace him, and then Rawls got hurt and cannot stay healthy. He then thought that Eddie Lacy can be the type of runner Beast Mold was, but the real problem is not the running backs. It is the inept O line. Put Ezekiel Elliot in the Seattle backfield, and he won’t be leading the league in rushing as he did last year. May be they can improve the running game by starting the backup Austin Davis at QB and Russell Wilson as RB.

  6. Ironically Rawls past injuries have all been lower leg and seem to have very little to do with the violent contact he makes.

  7. Rawls’ running style is that of a slasher, and slashers don’t last long in the NFL. Franco Harris lasted a long time because he avoided big hits by going out of bounds. Running backs who run between the tackles take the most punishment.

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