WFAN is looking for a new partner for Boomer Esiason

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Former NFL quarterback, CBS pregame show personality, and Westwood One game analyst Boomer Esiason also serves as the host of a popular drive-time morning show on WFAN in New York. He’ll continue to do so following the resignation of co-host Craig Carton, who was arrested last week on charges arising from an allegedly fraudulent ticket enterprise.

Via the Wall Street Journal, Carton recently resigned from his job, while nevertheless citing the allegations against him as “unfounded.” The show, previously dubbed Boomer & Carton, will be renamed Morning Show with Boomer. However, the station is looking for someone to replace Carton.

Carton’s travails haven’t gone unnoticed by local NFL players. Giants quarterback Geno Smith, who spent his first four NFL seasons with the Jets, had this to say earlier in the week on Twitter: “Same guy who was calling me a thug on some lame radio station was running a Ponzi scheme?? Funny how life works, can’t believe these fools! . . . Throwing rocks and try to hide their hands. . . . The universe has an amazing sense of humor!”

There’s nothing funny about this situation, but anyone who fires public shots at others for a living needs to realize that, if they’re ever standing on the front porch of a glass house, they need to be ready to get some shards on their shoulders.

Given Carton’s legal issues and the alleged facts from which they arise (massive gambling debt), getting called out by Geno Smith or anything else is the least of Carton’s concerns.

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  1. Fair game. When these radio personalities call out players and others, but when they screw up the players have every right to call them out. Apparently, Carton was ready to leave the country when he go arrested.

  2. Carton was ” Caught with the goods ” on multiple criminal and civil law infringements which could add up to 45 years incarceration.A ponzi scheme set up to bilk millions out of hedge funds for fraudulent concert ticket sales , all to cover gambling debts of over 3 million dollars ! His only chance is a plea bargain which will get him 5-7 years. Too bad for his Family !…Gambling is a Psychological Sickness and can come with a very steep price.

  3. Its very simple bring back Mad Dog Russo ,problem solved ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Good Morning Everbody how are your today ?

  4. This guy was a loudmouth fake tough guy, glad he’s off the air. I would catch it sometimes while chanel surfing (why show a radio program on TV) and would always be amazed that he had a job in radio.

  5. But But But he hasn’t been convicted of anything….
    Where’s his due process??
    Is the radio station God?

    Oh, you mean a private company can fire or suspend you without a conviction??

    It’s news to many posters on PFT

  6. Funny how people get all upset at ESPN these days…but where’s the outrage at CBS for employing a scumbag like Carton all these years? (CBS Radio owns WFAN) Let’s forget about these charges and whether they’re true or not. Carton has a long history of saying/doing offensive things just to get a rise out of people to boost ratings. Boomer should also get canned for his association with low-brow low-life. With Simms on the NFL pregame now you don’t need two blonde haired ex-NY QBs on the panel anyway. #FireBoomer

  7. I don’t know his status but Stephen A. Smith could do very well in this spot if they wanted to make a big splash. On a lesser note, Brandon Tierney is a solid choice. If they want to stay in house, Kim Jones is always great in spots but her other gig(s) may get in the way of a morning show.
    Is Governor Christie available yet?

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