Philip Rivers not panicking over Chargers 0-2 start

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The Los Angeles Chargers may be 0-2 but quarterback Philip Rivers isn’t panicking about the early hole the team finds themselves in this season.

Coming off close losses to the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins, Rivers is completely confident in his team’s ability to be a factor this season.

We have 14 games left, and I just know the years we have been on runs,” Rivers said, via Dan Greenspan of the Associated Press. “We were 3-1 one year and went to 3-2 and then won 11 in a row. Shoot, what were we, 13-3? We were 2-3 out here and then won 11 in a row. And we were 5-5 the championship year that we went to the championship game and won six in a row.

“There’s no worry or concern. There is an urgency, but the guys still have a heck of a positive outlook.”

The Chargers are extremely close to being 2-0 instead of 0-2. Rookie kicker Younghoe Koo had attempts to win each game in the closing seconds only to have a kick blocked in Denver and a missed 44-yard try against the Dolphins.

The biggest problem facing the Chargers could be that they reside in arguably the best division in football. Five more meetings against Denver, Oakland and the Kansas City Chiefs will make it difficult to make up ground. The first meeting with the Chiefs is upcoming this weekend. However, finding ways to win those games against their divisional rivals could help accelerate their way up the standings as well.

12 responses to “Philip Rivers not panicking over Chargers 0-2 start

  1. Situational execution is the key to success. Rivers has been around long enough to know what plays work on 3rd and 9 and what works on 1st and 10. He’s too seasoned to be QB’n a 6-10 team.

  2. Way to bring up 2007 and 2009 as references. Nobody but you and gates are left from those teams.

    Philip isn’t panicking and neither are the fans. Because there aren’t any fans left

  3. We love you Philip, but 8 wins in the last 34 regular season games is a sad record. You’ve done great, you’re HOF, even playing with an ACL, but the Charger organization is badly coached and mismanaged. Sadly, the team has a hang-over from the tragic betrayal of decades-old, loyal fans with this misguided re-location disaster. Effectively, you’ll be playing 48 “away games” over the next three years…there are no “home” games. This re-location is unraveling quickly. I think the players should have a closed door meeting with management, vent their concerns and convince them to get back to Qualcomm for 2018 (now the San Diego Credit Union field), start renovating the stadium with a 2019 completion date, get NFL relief and assistance and let Kroenke have LA. He might even help with the move. Spanos will not sell the team for more money while in LA. The market won’t work. No one, even billionaires will not purchase the team for $1 billion, spend $650 million re-locating again and another $500 million renovating the stadium. Good luck.

  4. Rivers could have had a SB ring or two if he had bailed out after the Norv Turner years, but the man is loyal to a fault.

    I hope you retire in San Diego, Philip. We need good people like you here.

  5. Of course he’s not panicking. He’s got a guaranteed contract. He’s actually hoping and praying to get traded so he can follow Charger tradition in winning a Super Bowl ring in another team’s uniform.

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