Jerry Jones came up with Cowboys’ pregame response


Cowboys players didn’t know how they were going to respond during the national anthem Monday until owner Jerry Jones presented an idea before the game.

The Cowboys, with Jones and his family among them, collectively took a knee at midfield before the national anthem began. They rose after a few seconds, returned to the sideline and stood arm-in-arm for the Star Spangled Banner.

The move seemed to appease everyone, though some fans booed before realizing the Cowboys weren’t going to kneel during the anthem. The Cowboys’ pregame response could become the model on how to send a unified message without drawing criticism.

“I was just happy we were able to do something together,” receiver Brice Butler said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Initially, we had a certain plan. Then Jerry came and spoke to us before the game and was like, “Just trust me on this; let’s do this together.’ That was Jerry’s plan. I actually liked it, because everybody did it.”

Jones has made it clear in his public statements that he wants the Cowboys to stand for the national anthem, and Dallas remains one of only six teams not to have a player protest during the Star Spangled Banner since the start of the 2016 season, according to the Dallas Morning News. Jones, though, also realized after President Donald Trump’s tweets last week that his players felt the need to respond.

“I enjoy a lot of confidence that our players know that I know my way around the NFL and know that this was a way to basically do both,” Jones said. “So, as you know, I’ve had a lot of criticism over the years for being too close or being too supportive of players. So I don’t ever have to worry about being trusted, or for that matter, believing that we can do it.

“There’s no question we wanted to do something that others could take a look at and say, ‘This is the way to make a statement about that.’ I just don’t believe we’ve gotten to the point in this country where we have to basically be disrespectful of the flag, yet stand up and say, ‘Look, . . . we need to do some things about unity and about equality.’ I don’t know why you have to create controversy, much less controversy regarding the flag. This is an answer to it.”  

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  1. I give Jerry a lot of credit for kneeling before the national anthem and not during and disrespecting the flag. I used to dislike the Cowboys but now I’m a Cowboy fan.

  2. If I were an owner I would ask my protesting players what they were protesting. If it had to do with the police, I would want to get those players and some police officers together so they can have a forum and gain a better understanding of one another and we can stop all this divisive bs. Instead of making a spectacle and causing fans to uproar, let’s fix the misconceptions that are out there. Just my 2 cents.

  3. This is why Jerry is a billionaire, he understands the nuances of business and how important people are to the success of any business. Have to understand and strike a balance, not only with the audience but also must have compassion and understanding for the concerns of those that work for you. And if anyone is booing this than the flag and anthem issues were not central to the discourse but rather some more sinister underlying reason to protest the protesters.

  4. The country has been around for 230 years. I think we are strong enough to survive people that have different opinions on any issue. If a group of people feel that they are not receiving all that America promises they don’t have the right to protest, they have the obligation to protest.

  5. sportoficionado says:
    September 26, 2017 at 6:39 pm
    This is why Jerry is a billionaire, he understands the nuances of business and how important people are to the success of any business. Have to understand and strike a balance, not only with the audience but also must have compassion and understanding for the concerns of those that work for you. And if anyone is booing this than the flag and anthem issues were not central to the discourse but rather some more sinister underlying reason to protest the protest


    I know my comment won’t post. They never do. The problem with this and most of the internal ails of this country is race. Always has been always will be. You, I, and everyone else knows the “more sinister underlying reason to protest the protest.” Until we can be honest with each other, nothing will change. Guess what? We don’t do honesty.

  6. None of these players should suddenly start thinking the owners are on there side when it comes to protesting. The one and only reason the owners took a knee with the players this weekend was because the owners got called out by the president and these are rich people who do not like to be told what to do. That is it. Not Jerry Jones or any other owner had a sudden change of heart. They are just like rich little kids who get told they can’t have something. They are pouting. Jerry Jones was the last owner anyone thought would do this. But the president picked on the one thing Jerry loves more than America, his team.

  7. The Truth says:
    September 26, 2017 at 6:40 pm
    The second their knees touched down this 47 yr cowboy fan hit the clicker for red sox game . Disgraceful.

    What was disgraceful about it? They took a knee before the anthem played, then stood during. Do you even know what you’re mad about?

  8. I’d like each player and person who protested, to write or speak 4 sentences, no more, no less, on what and why they protested this past weekend. I doubt you’d get very many responses back.

  9. I will give the Cowboys props, the way they did it was good. As a veterna, I do not like it when players disrespect the Anthem, but doing it before the anthem I can respect.

  10. As a long time Seahawks fan and a fan of American Football, I am losing interest and respect for the organization and the players. Football games are where people go to get away from the daily issues, major or minor, and enjoy a few hours with the family. IT is NOT a place to go and face political demonstrations by million $ paid professional athletes.

    Sport games, nationally and internationally historically have had the National Anthem played before the game starts. What is going to happen when the Olympic games starts? Are we going to see black athletes interrupt the games for whatever their issues are with American history. A history we can not change anyway. Time to move on.

  11. Jerry was raised in the south, during Jim Crow. He of all people knows the wrongs done toward Americans during his lifetime.

    To make this about the soldiers, or the flag, is willful ignorance.

    Most don’t know that in 1935 when the Nazi’s were searching how to legally alienate non white Germans they looked to Jim Crow laws in America, and used that as a platform to draft their own laws. Anti non white behavior has a history in America, and it still continues today.

  12. red says:
    September 26, 2017 at 6:15 pm
    Jerry would kneel on both knees if it meant a championship.

    He’d probably be willing to do a little something while he was down there too.
    His need to get out form under Johnson’s shadow is palpable at this point. Why else is Jimmy J not in the HoF but ahead of many more deserving that have waited longer Jones is?

  13. Jerry Jones has been enormously successful. He’s a very successful business man. He’s a Hall of Fame owner. He’s on top of the world. He’s not concerned with what we think. But he’s also a husband, father and a grandfather. He’s a family man, and he cares what his family thinks. I’m sure they’ve all received the best educations money can buy, and I’m sure they’re all very smart. Just like grandpa. Those are the people he has to answer to. It’s 2017, and his grandchildren are probably traveling all over the world. Meeting smart people from all walks of life. They’re not living in caves. They’re the ones who are holding Jerry accountable, and he doesn’t want to let them down. Jerry Jones is awesome!

  14. Why do they have to respond to the President? They HAD NOT kneeled before soooooooo. The President was not talking about them. Only the players that DID kneel. So what the hell did they have to do anything for?

  15. If black America were it’s own country it would be the 15th richest country in the world, out of 195. They have it so bad here.

  16. Before, after, during…it doesn’t matter. Americans are tuning into NFL football to get away from politics and unplug for a few hours. At least they were.

    Of the 8 rabid football fans in my office all except one has completely sworn off football. One of the discussions we has today was what kind of things can we do with our families to fill up our newly freed-up Sundays.

  17. I don’t want any racial or political protests during football games by football players, period. Not with a uniform on while representing my team before or during the game. Not kneeling as a group before the anthem, not locking arms during the anthem, and certainly not sitting down at any time. Stand up and keep your mouth shut. You don’t have to sing and don’t have to put your hand over your heart. That’s it.

  18. You could see how pleased that little fool was with himself when he squatted. Getting more tv exposure and then telling anyone who would listen that it was his brilliant idea. At least he didn’t try to call a play.

  19. Everyone wants to focus on protesting players. The best way to handle this is to treat it like fans who run onto the field during games. Don’t show it. Don’t report on it. Completely ignore it. Of course the media is too PC to do that.

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