Seats are heating up as Week Four approaches

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It’s probably not appropriate to obsess over the job security of NFL coaches on a weekly basis. So we’ll do it once a month instead.

With September ending and three weeks in the books, who’s on the hot seat so far? Thursday’s PFT Live included a three-round hot-seat draft, with Chris Simms and your truly going back and forth with our selections.

We may have also listed some others beyond the six who made the list. There’s only one way to find out: Watch the video. Or listen to it.

6 responses to “Seats are heating up as Week Four approaches

  1. Hue Jacksons seat is hotter than you are assuming. He’s already throwing the exec team under the bus (they are unsafe too). If they dump to Bengals and Jets (which is highly possible), Hue is not safe. He’s coaching for his job in the next two weeks. 1-18 as a regime and no sign of improving.

  2. Hue Jackson’s job is safe for at least a couple more years. The Browns are putting some talent on their roster. Hue waited until this year to draft a QB, which was smart because nobody is expected to win with a rookie QB. If Kizer isn’t playing well in three years, then Jackson might be vulnerable. I think the owner bought into the five year plan, and he’s sticking with it.

  3. Marvin Lewis’ seat depends on how many seats are empty in Paul Brown Stadium. Mike Brown and the Bengals are ok with mediocrity if the stadium is full but if they see too many empty seats Marvin Lewis will be gone.

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