Davante Adams spent night in hospital with a concussion

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy said “everything looks positive” for wide receiver Davante Adams after he took a helmet-to-helmet hit from Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan in Thursday night’s game and added that Adams was “already giving them a hard time at the hospital to get out of there.”

Adams’ pleas didn’t get answered. NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said on Friday that Adams spent the night at the hospital under observation after being diagnosed with a concussion. Lockhart indicated that signs were otherwise good from the doctors that treated Adams.

The wideout will now be in the concussion protocol, but avoiding greater injury is good news given how things looked when he went down.

Lockhart also confirmed that the league is reviewing Trevathan’s hit for a potential suspension and said that the league wouldn’t comment at the moment about whether they feel referee John Hussey erred by not ejecting Trevathan from the game.

12 responses to “Davante Adams spent night in hospital with a concussion

  1. In 40 years of watching football, that was the first time I ever saw a player launch his helmet straight into another player’s face. I’ve never seen a mouth guard go flying like that, either. Adams will be lucky if a concussion is all he got from that hit. A suspension is very much needed here. Hits like this make me question my desire to watch football. It’s not cool, or funny.

  2. Danny should sit for as long as Adams is out. If by some miracle Adams misses no games, Danny shout be suspended for a game.

    Sorry. Not enough good enough.

    I’ve been a Packer fan for all of my life. I’ve seen dozens of players have their careers ended due to neck injuries;

    Sterling Sharpe.. Nick Collins.. Terrance Murphy.. Jermichael Finley.. Tim Lewis.. Johnny Holland.. many more.. Thankfully none of these men are paralyzed.

    Thats what COULD have happened here. That was as egregious a hit as I’ve ever seen. No excuse whatsoever.

    Suspension HAS to happen. Regardless of when Adams returns to the field.

  3. So I guess he didn’t lose a tooth? The replay sure looked like something small and white also popped out of his mouth with his mouthpiece.

    I know that isn’t the point of the story, but just shows how vicious the hit was.

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