Antonio Brown frustrated, Steelers lead 3-0


The Steelers are winning in the second quarter, but it isn’t all smiles on their sideline.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown was caught by CBS cameras knocking a Gatorade bucket off a table during a tantrum after a Steelers drive ended with a punt. A replay of the final play of that drive showed Brown streaking down the field wide open while Ben Roethlisberger opted to throw what turned out to be an incomplete pass to Le'Veon Bell.

Bell had some good moments on the team’s opening drive that ground up yards and time while moving into scoring position. A David DeCastro holding penalty tripped Pittsburgh up, however, and they had to settle for a Chris Boswell field goal.

That’s the only scoring in the game thus far as the Ravens have punted three times during a slow start for an offense that is coming off a terrible game in London last week.

7 responses to “Antonio Brown frustrated, Steelers lead 3-0

  1. Once a diva, always a diva. All smiles and Facebook Live when things are good, turns into a petulant child over the years when things don’t.

  2. Because he believes it’s all about Antonio. That’s what happens when a player thinks they are so important and special, he should always be the 1st option. He can’t even fathom that Roethlisberger, didn’t have time to find him or just couldn’t see him for some reason. DIVA

  3. Sometimes the things that we hate most about our star athletes make up the things that make the athlete a star. I’ll take Antonio (DIVA) Brown over any other receiver in the league.

  4. None of us can really say for sure what the game plan was yesterday, sure looked to me like they were determined to force the ball to LeVeon all game long, leaving AB running ghost routes. If I were in his position I’d be pretty frustrated too, nobody that makes it to the NFL wants to sit around unused.

    The offensive playcalling had me almost rage-spiking my phone/remote/cat… Unwanted memories of “Hey Diddle Diddle, Rogel up the Middle!”

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