Three Dolphins kneel during anthem


Although it’s believed that far fewer players will kneel for the national anthem in Week Four, the early-morning London game commenced with three players taking a knee.

Via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, receiver Kenny Stills, safety Michael Thomas, and tight end Julius Thomas took a knee during the national anthem.

Stills and Thomas have been at the forefront of the anthem issue. In a feature last week on Football Night in America, recorded before the President took the controversy to unprecedented heights, Stills and Thomas explained to Tony Dungy that they had stopped kneeling in order to ensure that the message sent by the kneeling doesn’t become obscured by the kneeling. Last week, Stills originally planned to stand but decided to kneel. After the game, Thomas became emotional when discussing the issue.

As the league deals with the matter on a franchise-by-franchise basis, it’s no surprise that some players on some teams will kneel, and it’s definitely no surprise that Dolphins players feel comfortable with kneeling.

“I’m not with Trump,” owner Stephen Ross said during the Tuesday meeting in New York among owners and players on the issue, via Don Van Natta and Seth Wickersham of “And I don’t mind anyone printing that anywhere.”

Ross also apparently doesn’t mind his players kneeling during the anthem, even though many would disagree.

14 responses to “Three Dolphins kneel during anthem

  1. The fins and the NFL are gonna lose a lot of fans today. A lot of us were hoping that last week was an aberration, and this week, things would get back to “normal”. Apparently not.

  2. I haven’t turned the game on. The other four games I get today all have teams who disrespected my country and I will be watching none of them as well.

  3. The purpose of the national anthem is to honor America and those who have fought for this country, so these privileged prima donnas can play this game. If they feel they must protest, stay in the locker room until the anthem is over.

    The thing is the NFL will not allow players to show any pro American support in certain areas. When 9/11 occurred, several Giant and Jet players wanted to honor the military and first responders. The NFL said no. Where is the consistency!

  4. Don’t buy NFL team merchandise. Don’t buy tickets, cancel your NFL Red Zone and NFL Sunday Ticket. It is the only way this will change. You have to hit them in the wallet. Money talks.

  5. I have been a Dolphins fan for over 30 years. No more. Going back to the team I grew up with. Ross disgusts me. Given his track record in football, he shouldn’t disrespect fans who have supported this under achieving team for many years. I will never come back, and you can print that anywhere as well.

  6. The Dolphins & their owner make me sick. A losing team acting like losers, led by their loser owner. I wonder if the profound channeled fan negative energy, affects their pathetic play. Steve Ross rolled back almost all of the Goodwill he has been able to chisel out for himself over the last 9 years. What an idiot…

  7. Ready to boycott Madden, Nfl Sunday Ticket, and anything else that has a NFL License on it until we see action against players forcing their views and agendas into our living rooms

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