Get ready for Deshaun Watson vs. DeShone Kizer week

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Pardon me while I look past the coming slate of games to the next slate of games. A compelling Week Six matchup is looming. The Browns and quarterback DeShone Kizer will, next Sunday, face the Texans and quarterback Deshaun Watson in Houston.

It’s significant not just because they have the same first name, only not spelled the same. The Browns were on the clock with the 12th pick in the draft when the Texans offered the 25th pick this year and next year’s first-round pick for the opportunity to pick Deshaun Watson. The Browns opted to accept a late first-round pick now and what likely will be a late first-round pick later in lieu of a guy who by all appearances will be the same guy that he was during those two NCAA title games at Alabama.

Whether Kizer ends up eventually being as good or better than Watson, the Browns will hear about it every time they play the Texans during Watson’s career, unless and until Kizer becomes as good as Watson. Until then, it makes sense to brace for a story or two, possibly coming soon, justifying the decision not to stay put and pick Watson, similar to the story that emerged last year regarding the team’s opinion of Carson Wentz, whom they could have picked if they’d stay put at No. 2.

Last year, the Browns justified the move by claiming that they didn’t believe Wentz was one of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league. This year, it will be interesting to hear what they have to say about the decision not to take Deshaun Watson as they prepare to face Deshaun Watson for the first time.

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  1. This is drivel. You pick who you pick and you live with the results. Wentz is hardly a can’t miss prospect; and although he is good I for one am not looking back on a pick made or not made when the entire team needed a reshuffle. Same thing with the current crop. Watson has played in all of what, 4-5 games? Hardly an epic like the Odyssey being written there. I wish you guys would realize that unlike baseball, where one could say there really is a pitchers’ duel – one guy facing one batter, with 8 guys backing him up – football is not a duel between QBs. Houston is by far a more complete team than Cleveland is, and that will affect QB play as well as everyone else on the field. WOuld that Kizer had half the receiving acumen of Watson. Or a running game. Or a defense. You cannot rate the quality of a most picks for years.

    How we rating Suck for Luck these days?

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