Jack Del Rio finds it “embarrassing” the Raiders play on a baseball field

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The Raiders are the only NFL team that plays on the same field as a baseball team, and coach Jack Del Rio is glad that won’t be the case much longer.

After the Oakland A’s season ended last weekend, meaning the dirt on the field at the Oakland Coliseum can now be covered with grass, Del Rio was asked if he thinks the team will benefit from

“I don’t know if I’d call it a benefit. It’s the way it should be. It should be grass all the time. Hopefully, they’ll get that rectified going forward because frankly it’s a little embarrassing to play on the cinder block. We’ll tolerate it when we have to, but we’re definitely looking forward to having a full field of grass,” Del Rio said, via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Del Rio played baseball at USC and was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays, so he certainly has nothing against the sport. But he doesn’t think football is meant to be played on dirt. Once the Raiders move to Las Vegas, they’ll have a field just for football.

45 responses to “Jack Del Rio finds it “embarrassing” the Raiders play on a baseball field

  1. Yeah, playing on dirt one or two times a year is really killing them. Gimme a break.

    What’s embarrassing is the Raiders trying to establish a physical run game from a single back set.

    What should be more embarrassing is the 49ers being ranked ahead of the Raiders in total offense, total defense, and we’re in the middle of a major rebuild.

  2. It’s the teams fault for agreeing to share a stadium with a baseball team.
    Be embarrassed about an owner agreeing to that situation.

  3. Totally agree. Billion dollar industry, and we have a running back charging toward second base. Just don’t require the taxpayer to fix it.

  4. Del Rio should consider himself lucky to be a head coach of any team…even if they play on concrete.

    His x’s and o’s knowledge is lacking behind most other HC’s, and he doesn’t know how to utilize his players talents.

    His next job will be @ USC where he’ll be a great recruiter.

  5. The 49ers won five super bowls playing on the baseball field at Candlestick Park. Now they have one of the nicest football stadiums in the world. I guess I just screwed up the discussion.

  6. Dirt? No! NFL was always meant to be played on artificial turf! What with games all being artificially decided in front of artificial gate-receipts, and all governed by artificial PR which is backed up by artificial evidence – what other surface could the NFL play on that truly encapsulates the meaning of their product?

  7. He is right. It’s a shame California alone is around the 8th biggest economy in the world, but they are so broke funding liberal ideals and protecting illegals they have no money to do anything of worth. Let alone, build a new stadium.

  8. The question he should be asking is how can a dirt field be “up to the standards of the NFL and NFLPA” ?

    Oh that’s right, the owners of the Raiders have long been too cheap to finance their own stadium so the playing surface doesn’t matter whether its an additional risk of injury or not.

  9. I don’t know if I’d call it embarrassing, however in this day and age plus the money the NFL generates, it’s ridiculous. Many High School teams have a much better stadium situation. I would be embarrassed that it has gone on for so long.

  10. jbaxt says:
    October 7, 2017 at 8:30 am
    But is it as embarrassing as that defense?
    That defense that’s ranked 13th in the league and only .6 of a point behind the Chiefs, that defense???

  11. Oakland does not deserve an NFL team. They have been playing in that baseball stadium since 1966….

  12. Del Rio should be embarrassed that the Denver Broncos defense is better now than when he was the coordinator.

  13. It’s funny. For how many decades did NFL teams play in dual purpose stadiums where they had to endure the baseball infield? Right up until sports leagues and team owners starting extorting single purpose stadiums out of the taxpayers.

  14. Great. Playing on newly laid sod will probably cause another 5 Ravens to go on IR after the weekend.

  15. Honestly, i’ve felt Raiders playing on the baseball field was almost a trademark of their “home field”. It may be a little odd but its been around so long its almost endearing.

  16. Blame the cheap Davis family for not building their own stadium. California has had enough of multi billionaires extorting the public for a free lavish workplace. To the tea partier poster above, California’s is far from being broke and is actually the 5th largest economy, thank you very much. You don’t like “liberal policies”, but we call it humanity. Your conservative policies are denying aid to those in need such as the victims of Hurricanes Sandy in New York and Maria in Puerto Rico

  17. Sorry Jack. In California, money can only go to illegal aliens. If you claim everyone on your team is an illegal alien, the liberals will be throwing enough money at you to build your new stadium and jack up everyone elses’s taxes to fund it.

  18. MANY NFL TEAMS… had the same thing during the first part of the season when they shared a stadium.

    Jack KNEW it would be like this for a while.

    Stay on topic coach. Accept responsibility and don’t blame a building.

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