Cole Beasley scores twice, Mason Crosby misses two PATs as Cowboys lead 21-12


Things are coming in twos in Arlington today.

Cole Beasley has two touchdown catches. David Irving has two sacks. Mason Crosby has two missed extra points.

It’s added up to a 21-12 halftime lead for the Cowboys.

Beasley has touchdown catches of 2 and 5 yards, his first two-touchdown game since the Cowboys beat the Packers in Green Bay last Oct. 16. He has never had three touchdowns in a game.

Irving, who is returning from a four-game suspension, had never had two sacks in a game until taking down Aaron Rodgers twice in the first half.

Dak Prescott has completed 15-of-19 for 168 yards and three touchdowns, with his third a 10-yarder to Dez Bryant.

Rodgers has completed 11-of-13 passes for 107 yards with a 10-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams. The Packers also got a 7-yard touchdown run from Aaron Jones with 54 seconds remaining until halftime. But Crosby missed the extra point following both touchdowns, hitting the right upright after the first and kicking the second wide left.

Ezekiel Elliott has only 30 yards on 14 carries as teams continue to load up to stop him.

10 responses to “Cole Beasley scores twice, Mason Crosby misses two PATs as Cowboys lead 21-12

  1. My fellow Packers fans have reminded me what a highly rated defense we have and I just can’t seem to understand how they let little measly Beasley beat them up so bad. Maybe us Packers fans haven’t been arrogant enough to overcome his big plays. Maybe not. We’re pretty good at that.

  2. Well, it’s safe to say that our Packers now have a case of kicker’s karma. And it’s safe to say, we deserve it.

  3. Who has a kicker that can’t hit just one 37 yard kick?

    NFC championship games aside, this one of the more embarrassing Packer collapses in recent memory. Perennial pretender bowl once again for these guys. Can’t wait til next week!

  4. Boy, I sure hope my Packers can come back in this game so us Greenies don’t have an even worse slump with our low self esteem and poor self image.

  5. hey, Wisconsin’s Favorite, Ariani and the others. where’d you go? nothing to say? did the ref win this? see you next week when your prognostications dont come to fruition again. keep trying. you might be right someday. just not today. Packers win.

  6. Common occurrence over the past 10 years or so. The trolls come and beat their chests then run and hide rather than face us. It’s like that little Chihuahua who bites at your ankle until he gets a swat then hides under the bed.

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