Jaguars teammates enjoying Leonard Fournette’s style

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Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette scored a pair of touchdowns against the Steelers on Sunday, including a 90-yarder, but his most memorable play of the game didn’t end with points on the scoreboard.

It came when Fournette sprinted around the right side of the line in the fourth quarter and motioned for Steelers safety Mike Mitchell to come and get him before lowering his shoulder to make sure he gave as good as he got in the collision. Fournette said after the game that he and Mitchell had been talking all day and that he was looking for a chance to dole out a hit.

“He was saying I’m a rookie and I’m not ready,” Fournette said, via “It was fun. I can say that it was fun.”

Fournette’s teammates enjoyed it as well.

“The kid has confidence,” safety Barry Church said Monday. “They were battling all game and when I saw that I said, ‘Hey, he wants the contact. He wants to kind of put his foot on their throat.’ He ran him over. And then at the end [of the game] I felt like nobody really wanted to tackle him. If he can do that to impose his will on teams like that, that can only help us.”

Fournette being as advertised has been a big plus for the Jaguars as quarterback Blake Bortles has been as advertised as well. His presence along with a strong defense provides a formula for the team to win, although the key for the team will be figuring out a way to keep the same level of play from week to week after alternating wins and losses for the first five weeks of the season.

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    I thought that Tom Coughlin made a statement to the team when he scheduled joint practices with the Patriots right out of the preseason gate. The era of the “Florida Vacation With Pay” had ended.

  2. There’s nothing like a young team and it’s fans getting it’s first little taste of success. I’m not a Steelers fan but Fournette ‘imposed his will’ against a safety on a team that had folded it’s tent. He’s da man, lol. Last week he put up 86 yards in a loss to the Jets. The season is a marathon not a sprint, get back to us when he does it in December to Thomas and Chancellor.

  3. Kid is turning into the man. He and hunt will be neck and neck for RPOY. Hunt is a touch ahead of him at the moment, but that gap is closing. Really impressive especially since there isn’t much else on the Jags’ offense that should scare any defense. He may end up taking both my fantasy teams to the playoffs this year despite RIP David Johnson.

  4. Right now, the Jags are looking good. But coming out flat after each win this year is not the key to success.

  5. Stay healthy Leonard. Don’t take unneeded hits as they will add up over the course of the year and your career. In the meantime DOMINATE!

  6. It was interesting to watch the constant battle between Fournette and Mitchell unfold during the game. Mitchell clearly was gaining respect for Fournette as the game unfolded. When Fournette motioned for Mitchell to come get some, he earned my respect – and I’m a lifetime Steeler fan.

  7. Through five weeks Texans Deshaun Watson is the NFL Rookie of the Year – 10 tds in his last two games. Fournette now firmly runner-up with Hunt fading (dwindling ypc average and aft 5 tds his first two games 0 in his last three.)

  8. Nofoolnodrool says:

    October 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Jags played a great game on Defense, but,they can’t get behind with that offense….regardless of what’s his name says….Church or who ever.


    Very true

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