Telvin Smith named AFC defensive player of the week

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Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith set off the bomb, and is being rewarded for it.

Smith was named AFC defensive player of the week, for his role in Jacksonville’s stunning upset of the Steelers.

Smith’s interception returned for a touchdown was the first pick-six of their two, and one of their five interceptions on the day as the Jaguars rolled the Steelers.

While the Steelers have their own problems, Jacksonville is showing signs of stabilizing. They still might not trust their offense completely, but they’re trying to minimize a quarterback’s ability to change games negatively. And if you’re going to run, you have to have good defense, and the Jaguars have collected a number of young parts.

Smith’s a big part of that, and the Jaguars’ 3-2 start.

3 responses to “Telvin Smith named AFC defensive player of the week

  1. Jacksonville has hit on so many defensive players. They’re a QB away from a super bowl winner. There are several QBs coming out this year, and as we see all the time, the best ones don’t necessarily get drafted first. Jax is built for the long haul.

  2. Stunning.

    I love how a Jaguars’ win is still considered “stunning” despite two previous beat-downs to allegedly good teams this season.

    Well, I guess you earn respect by winning.

    Now they need to do it at home.

  3. I completely agree with that last sentence @charliecharger. I think the Jags are about to be good for a while. Not just one season. They are pretty set at most positions with youth and a healthy salary cap. John Idzik is putting this team in very very good position with the way he structures deals.

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