Panthers coordinator declares Luke Kuechly “perfectly fine”


Panthers middle linebacker Luke Kuechly left last night’s loss to the Eagles, and the team said he was in the concussion protocol.

Today, one of his coaches declared him well.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks told reporters that he talked to Kuechly today, and that the former defensive player of the year was “perfectly fine.”

While that may well be good news, there’s also a very good chance it’s completely and utterly meaningless.

Kuechly has missed nine games the last two years because of concussions (three in 2015 and six last year), and this is the third time he’s been in the protocol. That means this is the third time he has suffered a brain injury while playing football.

He was able to run off the field under his own power last night, and that was a more comforting visual than when he was carted off the field in tears last year.

But with all due respect to Wilks, Kuechly will need to be cleared by an independent neurologist to determine his condition. And since symptoms can also take days to emerge, the notion that Kuechly is ambulatory and conversant on Friday might not be a reliable indicator of the health of his brain.

9 responses to “Panthers coordinator declares Luke Kuechly “perfectly fine”

  1. This is bs and Wilks is no doctor and you are not “perfectly fine” after a head injury. Kuechly needs to get well again and consider retirement. This game is not worth him being crippled for life mentally and otherwise. The Panthers try and put fluff around everything but no one with any intelligence is going to buy it like all of this nonsense that a neck crick keep R. Kalil out five games. Everyone is concerned for Luke’s health and it is probably time for him to move on to the next chapter of his life. I do not want to see him end up like Dan Morgan. Move on Luke.

  2. “Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks”

    Wasn’t he the security guard on the Jerry Springer Show?

  3. Wow. Carolina is going to ruin this guy’s life. How can he be “perfectly fine” after a rash of concussions at that position?

    An investigation is needed

  4. He’s not perfectly fine. The concussion last year was so bad that he wept openly on national tv. Now he gets another one less than 10 months later. He has too much to look forward to with the rest of his life to continue risking his brain like that.

  5. Does being in the protocol mean he was diagnosed with a concussion? I’ve heard everything from he has a concussion to him being put in the protocol as a precaution.

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