It’s official: Justin Timberlake will perform at Super Bowl halftime

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A month ago, reported that Justin Timberlake was finalizing a deal to perform at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. The NFL made it official Sunday, announcing Timberlake as the halftime performer.

Timberlake has performed on the Super Bowl halftime stage twice previously, giving him the distinction of having the most appearances by an individual entertainer. He previously performed at Super Bowls XXXV and XXXVII, producing one of the most memorable halftime shows with the “wardrobe malfunction” as he ripped away a piece of Janet Jackson’s costume.

In August, Timberlake performed at Jerry Jones’ Pro Football Hall of Fame induction party. Timberlake called Jones “the greatest owner in the history of sports.”

Last year’s show became the most-watched musical event of all-time across all platforms and the most-watched Super Bowl halftime performance in history through broadcast and digital channels. It reached more than 150 million unique people, garnering more than 80 million views and totaling 260 million minutes watched.

NBC will broadcast Super Bowl LII and the halftime show from U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota.

39 responses to “It’s official: Justin Timberlake will perform at Super Bowl halftime

  1. what a discrace. the national football league claims to be about familys and teamwork but then they allow this man to display his smut all over our tvs. now theyve put me in the situation of having 2 explain that a womens breast was on tv 14 years ago to my kid.

    the league needs to imediately rescind this invitation and give it to some one more talented and desrving like fellow nsync members kris kirpatrick and joey fatone.

    btw im not thinking about lance bass.

  2. Justin lost all my respect when he left Janet Jackson to take all the blame for their little stunt in that SB half time show. He showed himself to be a little boy and not a man.

  3. Seriously I wish they would do more the classic music bands. There are so many to pick from – just no Aerosmith, Faul McCartney, U2, Springsteen or Madonna

  4. Just another halftime show I will not bother watching. Do you think they might just put this kind of garbage on to lure the LGBTQP crowd into watching?

  5. It is always funny that no one ever seems to think the half time act is any good at all. And I agree that most have not been my taste – but then there was never any possible way any of my favorite singers were going to do it anyway since they aren’t American and haven’t had any number 1s in America in any of the genres they perform in.

    Can we all just agree that it should be Weird Al Yankovick and that he should bring out a college marching band to join him for “Sports Song”? Then a nice Superbowl Polka and a medley of the hits.

  6. Curious to know if Timberlake will be giving the NFL a % of his concert money.
    Somehow I doubt it, seeing as how the NFL probably begged him to perform for them.

  7. “Is the NFL desperate to have 12 year old girls start watching football? It sure seams like it”.

    You probably said the same thing before last year’s halftime show. Pay attention to the story. It states that last year’s show had 80 million views! That’s a lot more people than the 12 year old girl population. It also means that your opinion is in the extreme minority.

    Adapt to modern times or remain a dinosaur. Your choice.

  8. He was the first to sleep with Brittney Spears and Janet Jackson let him rip her top off. Have to respect that.

  9. Why did Janet Jackson get all the grief and Timberlake none?

    Seriously, someone please explain it to me.

  10. Maybe put Katy Perry onstage with him.
    Let him rip the patch off again.
    Otherwise, did no one else answer their calls?
    Why him? Does he even matter anywhere but TMZ?

  11. I like JT and happy to see him performing but I wonder if that Hollywood stench has turned him into a liberal zombie and he’ll do the entire show kneeling.

  12. Long time NFL fans everywhere cheered….NOT. btw–all of you whining about the PC crowd or some other silliness–blame the money, this is all about the $$$. Nothing to do with the game, real fans of the game, etc. Just plain ole money. Personally, I dont care who it is that plays, if they make them run through a half baked montage of their “hits” that’s not a good show, to me at least. Only Prince truly delivered. MJ in 1992 was cool, then U2 after 9/11. Those were pretty good, the rest, really, who cares???

  13. I probably won’t be watching the halftime show because I’ll be pacing back and forth, chewing on my fingernails, thinking about how unlikely it is that the Vikings have a halftime lead at a home Super Bowl and muttering to myself about all of the ways they can, and will, blow it in legendary fashion.

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