Duane Brown returns to the Texans

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The Texans’ suddenly hot offense just got a key player back.

Texans left tackle Duane Brown ended his holdout and re-joined the team this morning, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Brown is healthy and ready to get to work, and could be back Sunday at Seattle.

Brown hasn’t said much during his holdout but did say he would eventually play this year, and apparently the time is now. He has already lost about $5 million in fines and lost salary, and he seems to have decided it’s time to start making money again.

Houston’s line looked like a mess in the first game of the season with Tom Savage at quarterback, but Deshaun Watson has been able to make plays despite a lack of protection, which may have made the Texans feel like they had the upper hand in negotiations with Brown. Still, getting the starting left tackle back can only help a Texans team that has every reason to view itself as a playoff contender.

17 responses to “Duane Brown returns to the Texans

  1. I thought the O-line had done a pretty good job of run blocking and much better in pass protection. I know Watson’s feet helped a lot but the line has played better. Still better to have Duane than not!

  2. Has to be one of the most mind boggling NFL holdouts I can think of. He flushed 5 million down the crapper and is still under contract this year and next. He got no concessions and apparently no trade offers. WTH????

  3. A very strange holdout, to be sure, but it sounds like he both wanted to make some money again, and be part of a good football team?

  4. When he retires there is a financial advisor job at 345 Park Ave. Waiting for him. They need another genius..

  5. I’m not sure I’d have him protecting Watson’s blind side yet. While I’m sure he’s been working out and staying in shape, it’s not football shape yet and with no practice in months, he’s going to be rusty at best.

  6. I would wager he is at least three weeks from being in game shape. Lack of practice will show up immediately.

  7. So after all that Brown will now make $14 million the next 2 years instead of the $19 million he was slated to make. And if he doesn’t play to expectations the rest of the year the Texans can cut him next year with a dead cap hit of zero. Plus Brown is 32 so missing camp and 7 weeks of the season could be a big deal. The Texans line was starting to jell and play well without him do they want to risk messing with the starting O Line. If Brown gets injured and misses even more of the season and the Texans do cut him what team is going to give a 33 year old Lineman a bigger contract than the $9 million he could have made if he played really well this year. What a moron.

  8. If the Texans can place him on the exempt list for 3 weeks and wipe his accrued season out, they should.

  9. I wouldn’t say that he let down his teammates, his priority has to be himself. It seems strange to hold out, but he had no chance of getting a better deal without holding out. He lost, but he tried.

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