Sean Payton promised Saints pedicures if they wore right cleats at Lambeau

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The list of famous motivational speeches in football have come from many sources and covered many topics, but there wasn’t much history of pedicures figuring into the mix until Sunday.

Coach Sean Payton wanted stress the importance of wearing the right cleats for the Lambeau Field turf to Saints players and that meant wearing the more uncomfortable screw-in cleats rather than molded ones. As a carrot, Payton told his players that he’d get them all pedicures if they wore the shoes and told Diana Russini of ESPN after the game that he was making arrangements for a Monday spa day after the 26-17 win in Green Bay.

“We will be taking him up on that offer Monday,” running back Mark Ingram said. “I don’t know about everybody else. But I’m gonna holler at him tomorrow morning for my pedicure.”

Wide receiver Ted Ginn said he’s looking forward to putting his “feet up in that hot water” and quarterback Drew Brees said he’ll also be indulging in the unusual reward for an NFL victory.

8 responses to “Sean Payton promised Saints pedicures if they wore right cleats at Lambeau

  1. This is hilarious.
    One has to wonder what the stalwarts of the ’60s and ’70s would think about this?
    Will this be featured as a bonus level in Madden?

    Congrats to New Orleans and their fans for their big win yesterday.
    It was definitely well deserved.
    Had the pleasure of sharing a few brats and beers with a few very gracious Saint fans who made the trip up north.
    We enjoyed some football lore, good conversation and a few laughs throughout a steady downpour.

    Thoughts on the game: as I said before, there will be some growing pains with Hundley.
    His overall accuracy is sill lacking and this kid needs to learn to slide as he scrambles for yards.
    I understand McCarthy wants to protect Hundley from himself, but he’s going to have to loosen up on the leash a little.
    Especially if you’re playing an opponent where you know you’ll need to score points.
    The bye week will go a long way to help heal up this roster and some more practice time for our young QB.
    Looking forward to seeing how this kid progresses over the next few weeks.

    The initial prognosis on Rodgers is encouraging.
    As is the fact it doesn’t look like anyone is really running away with the division or conference yet.

  2. I’m waiting for the NFLPA to weigh in on this. Maybe the screw-in cleats are more likely get stuck in the turf and cause injury–a coach shouldn’t be offering incentives for players to risk their health.

  3. I wonder if they will all go to the same spa. That would be quite the sight. I wonder if they even have seats big enough for those guys.

  4. You guys would be surprised at the number of profession athletes that enjoy going to the spa for pampering. It kinda comes with the lifestyle of higher income people. I will also say that once you find a good spa and enjoy the whole experience you will get hooked too.

    Here’s an idea book a his/her day at one of the local spas your lady likes.

  5. Cheers, wafflestomp! Prayers up for Rodgers to heal quickly and get back on the field, dazzling the NFL with his otherworldly play.

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