Raiders are looking for their missing “mojo”

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After taking a beating in Buffalo Sunday, the Raiders are spending the week in Florida rather than flying back to the West Coast.

And while they’re there, they’ll be looking for their “mojo.”

Via Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area, the Raiders coach made it clear his team was missing its swagger; as they limped to the halfway point of the season at 3-5, well off the expectations.

“I know what a Raiders football team that I envisioned having,” head coach Jack Del Rio said. “We’re not playing like that – what my vision is. We’re not playing like that right now. We need to be more physical up front offensively and defensively. We need to be playmakers aggressively going for the ball, competing. That’s what I’m looking for. That’s what we’re looking to get this second half.”

Their problem is, it gets harder from here. Five of their last eight games are against teams with winning records at the moment, including games with the division-leading Patriots, Chiefs, and Eagles. So while there’s still time, the clock is certainly ticking.

“We’re just not that far away, but we have to get it going,” Del Rio said. “It’s past time, really. The second half is here and we’ve got some ground to cover. We’ve got some ground to make up. We have to get busy. The urgency, the attention to detail, is going to be heightened.”

Perhaps being sequestered at the Florida training facility will help, as they have nothing to do but focus inward this week. But the results need to start showing soon.

16 responses to “Raiders are looking for their missing “mojo”

  1. The notion that there is some sort of “mojo” is the root of the problem. The Raiders 2016 success was achieved by hard work and intelligent decision making. Unfortunately the coaching staff and team bought into the media’s offseason hype about the Raiders and so they thought that the team was pre-destined for success. Adding a distraction like Lynch only added to this.

  2. Yeah, that’s the problem Del Rio. Not your horrible coordinators or your QB playing scared or your running game being a joke this year or Cooper playing like Heyward-Bey now. It’s your “swag.” But what do you expect from the same dummy who castrated a bull in the locker room and nearly ‘Decapitated the punter?

  3. That lost mojo would be old OC Musgrave. Del Rio’s simple self decided to keep the 28th ranked DC instead of the 6th ranked OC during last offseason. Brilliant move.

  4. Simple solution Jack… #FireNorton. That guy has proven year over year he was and is not ready to be a DC in this league. That defense can’t stop a runny nose. Absolutely ridiculous. Fire him right after the Dolphins walk (swim?) all over us, and let Pagano take over.

  5. “Perhaps being sequestered at the Florida training facility”

    What “Florida training facility? Seems reasonable that you might include that information in this article. Florida is a pretty big place and there are lots of training facilities. Don’t you think we might want to know which one you’re referring to?

  6. slick50kc says:
    October 31, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Playing a real schedule this season exposed these frauds.


    Hmmm, the chiefs’ 2016 schedule was identical to the Raiders with the exception of 2 matches (AFCE, AFCN) and yet they didn’t surpass the Raiders 12 regular season wins. I’m wondering how you spin that? I also remember that you were conspicuously absent most of 2016 when the Raiders were winning (after predicting “8 wins at most”). Unexpected? Nah.

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