Joe Flacco focused on Titans, not Kiko Alonso’s punishment


Ravens coach John Harbaugh said earlier this week that quarterback Joe Flacco is no longer experiencing symptoms from the concussion he sustained on a hit from Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso in last Thursday’s game and Flacco confirmed he’s feeling good after practicing with the team on Wednesday.

Flacco said he expects to play Sunday and that he’s spending the week focused on getting ready to match up with the Titans. That means he’s not spending much time thinking about the league’s decision not to suspend Alonso for the hit, which was penalized during the game.

“I’ve got bigger things to worry about than whether guys are suspended or not. I’m getting ready for the Titans,” Flacco said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun.

Media members attending Ravens practice on Wednesday reported that Flacco didn’t look limited while going through drills at the open portion of practice. Two more days of that and there won’t be any doubt about where Flacco will be come Sunday.

10 responses to “Joe Flacco focused on Titans, not Kiko Alonso’s punishment

  1. I’ve played this game up to college freshman level as a DE/tackle. And I can assure you all it WAS very dirty because although Alonso could be forgiven for making some contact, he not only made no half-hearted effort to avoid but also clearly followed Flacco down low to ensure a head hit. Shots that cheap should result in ejection or a 1-game if refs missed the severity to eject.

    However, at least it was flagged, unlike what Brady faced in Tampa 3 weeks ago where, stood in the pocket 3 seconds after a throw, he took a late whole body lunge at his knees that refs didn’t see because of all the players stood around the pocket. It was replayed on TV, but NFL ignored it.

  2. All you haters should go to the Ravens website and checkout the interview with Joe about all this. The dude is a classy and tough guy. I’m sure if you were in his position you’d be crying for your mommy.

  3. Flacco IS a tough guy, and also a good guy. This coming from a Steeler fan. He has no receivers & no competitive RB since Ray Rice got caught in an elevator.

  4. Ah yes, Flacco’s spending all his time focusing on his future stat line against the titans of 11 for 25, 92 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT

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