Bobby Wagner, Zach Cunningham fined for hits in Seahawks/Texans game

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Last Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and Texans stood out for the thrilling performances by each team’s starting quarterback, but there were a few big hits by defensive players over the course of the 41-38 Seattle victory.

A couple of them drew fines from the league office this week. Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner brought Texans running back Lamar Miller down with a horse collar tackle early in the third quarter to help the Texans make their way to a field goal and PFT has confirmed with the league that Wagner has been fined $18,231 for the infraction.

Texans linebacker Zach Cunningham was flagged for roughing Russell Wilson late in the first half of the game. He was fined the same amount as Wagner, although the penalty didn’t lead to any points because Seahawks tackle Germain Ifedi was flagged for holding and unnecessary roughness to stall the drive.

Ifedi was not fined for the unnecessary roughness infraction and Texans linebacker Lamarr Houston avoided a fine for his own roughing the passer penalty.

4 responses to “Bobby Wagner, Zach Cunningham fined for hits in Seahawks/Texans game

  1. The NFL is ridiculous with these fines. Those were borderline penalties let alone infractions that called for money being taken from either player. Wagner’s hand was on the guy’s shoulderpad not inside the collar or the jersey. Weak sauce NFL.

  2. Can’t believe that “horse collar” was even called. Running back went down face first, not pulled backward.

    That’s the whole point of the rule is to prevent injury from being pulled backward awkwardly. Such a ridiculous call, and even more ridiculous to draw a fine.

  3. I watched that game twice and I have yet to see him get into the shoulder pads.

    Looked like jersey to me. I get the referee making the mistake in game action but NFL sending a fine after reviewing it?

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