Justin Simmons fined $24,309


The NFL fined Broncos safety Justin Simmons $24,309 for unnecessary roughness.

Simmons hit Chiefs wide receiver Demarcus Robinson in the league and neck area, even though he tried to lead with his shoulder. Officials penalized him 15 yards, giving the Chiefs an automatic first down on a third-down incompletion.

The Chiefs scored their first offensive touchdown of the game three plays later, taking a 14-0 lead with 6:11 remaining in the first quarter.

Simmons finished with five tackles.

4 responses to “Justin Simmons fined $24,309

  1. There once was a game of football where guys were tough. This particular play Simmons clearly tried to get down below head level but the offensive player lowered his head even further. Shouldn’t have been a penalty or a fine.

    This is the year the NFL employees (players) introduced their cancerous hostilities to people who simply wanted to be entertained. The result: Fewer sold out stadiums, fewer advertisers, fewer fans. Going forward, teams will draft differently to avoid the trouble makers, teams will have to move, there will be additional stupid reactions which will only make it worse such as changing the rules and more games in far away lands.

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