Titans beat Ravens to hit the halfway point with a winning record

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Halfway through the season, the Tennessee Titans have a winning record.

The Titans beat the Ravens 23-20 today, giving them a 5-3 mark through eight games of the season. Thats no guarantee of a playoff berth, but it does allow them to keep pace in the AFC South with the Jaguars, who also won today to improve to 5-3.

Although the Titans’ running game was held in check, the Ravens’ defense struggled to cover Titans tight end Delanie Walker, who caught all five of the passes thrown to him for 71 yards. Titans receiver Rishard Matthews had 70 receiving yards and a touchdown, while Eric Decker caught a touchdown pass as well. Marcus Mariota spread it around his receivers and had success doing so.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw for 261 yards and two touchdowns, but it took him 52 passes to do so, and he also threw two interceptions.

The 4-5 Ravens just haven’t been able to play well consistently, and they’re going to have a hard time keeping up with the Steelers in the AFC North. The Titans, however, are looking like they have a good chance to be a playoff team. They’re halfway there.

6 responses to “Titans beat Ravens to hit the halfway point with a winning record

  1. Flacco is done, Tony Jefferson is the next Kendrick Lewis, they passed on JuJu for Bowser, they can’t gain 6 inches on 4th down when they call themselves a “physical, running team.” Refs don’t call penalties against opposing teams because they’re tired of listening to Harbaugh complain about everything.

    All this is coming from a Ravens fan & one of the biggest (until this year) Flacco excuse-makers.

  2. It’s remarkable that Harbaugh and his staff has gotten 4-4 out of this roster. This is a team that’s been rebuilding on the fly similar to what the Saints have been doing the last few years, and that’s tough to do with a $25 million QB on the books and middling finishes every year to keep you out of the top end of the draft.

  3. Looked up the NFL IR listings a couple days ago and the Ravens “lead” the league with 16 so far, with a couple teams behind them at 13. Just killed with injuries this year and that’s gonna be tough to overcome for anyone.

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