Jay Ajayi has “electric” Eagles debut

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It didn’t take long for running back Jay Ajayi to show why the Eagles made a move to acquire him from the Dolphins before last Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Ajayi saw action in the first half and then put an exclamation mark on the team’s work in the first 30 minutes with a 46-yard run that saw him go airborne to get into the end zone. The touchdown made the score 31-9 Eagles at halftime of what would wind up as a 51-23 win and represented the biggest of Ajayi’s eight carries for 77 yards.

After the game, Ajayi called the atmosphere in Philly “electric” and sounded excited about playing behind the team’s  offensive line.

“Special offensive line,” Ajayi said in comments distributed by the team. “Definitely believe we can do a lot of special things here.  Great running back room and glad to be part of the dynamic that we have in there.  I mean look, that’s a great defense that we just ran on. We put 200 yards on that team over there. So I think you have to tip your hat to all of us that ran the ball today. I think we all did some special things out there.”

The Eagles are off in Week 10, which gives them a chance to further integrate Ajayi into the offense before they return for a push to the playoffs that’s in great shape after eight wins in the first nine weeks. Ajayi was only part of one of those victories, but Sunday’s performance did little to suggest it will be the last.

10 responses to “Jay Ajayi has “electric” Eagles debut

  1. Yesterday was scary. An offense taking the #1 defense in the league out back and beating them to a pulp. Then a defense beating their offense to a pulp.

    If you weren’t a believer before, now you are.

  2. Another disastrous Dolphins decision.

    Dolphins backfield had 165 yards of offense and a TD And they didn’t drop every pass thrown to them.

    Try again big guy.

  3. I am happy for Ajayi. He is obviously better off with a good Eagles team than a mediocre Dolphins team. However, just from the standpoint of being expendable, it barely mattered. Drake and Williams were very productive with the chip block and release for RB pass. In fact, the offense was more versatile because it kept the defense guessing. With Ajayi it was very predicted. Drake fumbled and as usual the Dolphins self destructed with penalites wipng out 2 huge plays. This is not a who is better between Ajayi because we don’t know What Drake can do yet. We do know that fans whined when they got rid of Lamar Miller the same way and Ajayi was much better. We shall see… I am sticking to RB’s are a dime a dozen. The scheme and O-Line matter more and the Eagles have a much better one currently than my Dolphns.

  4. Dolphins fans can talk about Drake all they want but thats beside the point. You gave Ajayi away for nothing. Which is as stupid as it gets no matter what u replace him with. Its like if the Eagles gave away Bradford for a 7th bc we had Wentz. Yea they are better off at QB but then they wouldnt have Barnett or Ajayi.

    Keep telling yourselves it was a good trade though.

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