Ben McAdoo: Can’t address negative comments without names on quotes


An ugly Giants season reached the anonymous players ripping the coach stage this week when a couple of unnamed players told Josina Anderson of ESPN that Ben McAdoo has lost the team and that players are giving up on the season as a result.

McAdoo was asked about those comments on Thursday and said he’s “not doubting” them, but also isn’t addressing them with the team because “there are no names on the quotes.”

“First things first, I have an open-door policy,” McAdoo said, via “Any player who has anything to say is welcome to come in the front door and talk. I’ve had a couple of those conversations over the last couple of weeks and I welcome those conversations. The next thing is pretty simple. It’s hard to help a player when they don’t put their name on a quote. So, if they need some help, come see me. I’m the guy who can help them.”

One of the players told Anderson that players were being fined more than in the past and that Saturday practices rubbed players the wrong way. McAdoo denied that things have changed on the fine front and explained his philosophy that Saturday practices help players prepare for Sunday more effectively while acknowledging it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reported several players in the Giants locker room who took issue with the anonymous rips and that safety Landon Collins believes they came from the defensive side of the ball. Collins said he does not know which players spoke out, but that “we’ll figure it out.”

16 responses to “Ben McAdoo: Can’t address negative comments without names on quotes

  1. Last season, on December 22nd, the Giants played the Eagles, who were eliminated from playoff contention, with absolutely nothing but pride to play for. The Giants, meanwhile, were vying for playoff seeding.

    However, only one team came to play that night, and it wasn’t the team coached by Ben McAdoo.

    I thought, at the time, that it suggested bad things on the horizon for the Giants. I had no idea it would unravel this quickly, however.

  2. McAdoo is pretty much Captain Queeg from ‘The ‘Caine Mutiny ‘at this point!

    ‘This is the captain speaking. Some misguided sailors on this ship still think they can pull a fast one on me. Well, they’re very much mistaken. Since you’ve taken this course, the innocent will be punished with the guilty. There will be no liberty for any member of this crew for three months. I will not be made a fool of! Do you hear me?’ – Captain Queeg


    How’s that working out? Has this guy ever heard of a “mental health days?”

    Legs are tired and so are the Giants with those horrible running plays.

    It’s not ELi……it’s YOU Coach!

  4. artliedtocleveland says:
    November 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    McAdoo looks like one of those slimy villains you’d see in a movie

    Minus the intimidation factor.
    Before anyone lends to much weight to the comments let’s consider the source was bspn.

  5. John Mara deserves to have a losing franchise for the next 100 years for the stunt he pulled on the Redskins in 2012. Losing failing Blur New York (Offeneded by the team nickname) will battle with The Green Doormat for last place for years too come.

  6. I can’t decide whose face I want to punch more between McAdoo and Jason Garrett!! I’d line up to punch either of them though! And I’m a COWBOYS fan!

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