NFL fines Mike Daniels $9,115 for unnecessary roughness

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The NFL fined Packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels $9,115 for unnecessary roughness, Rob Demovsky of ESPN reports.

Daniels head-butted Lions center Travis Swanson on Detroit’s third play from scrimmage Monday night. Matthew Stafford‘s pass was incomplete, which would have forced a Lions punt, but Daniels’ 15-yard penalty resulted in a first down.

The Lions scored their first touchdown on the drive on their way to a 30-17 victory.

Daniels made two tackles.

12 responses to “NFL fines Mike Daniels $9,115 for unnecessary roughness

  1. the whole packers team should be fined for there poor play and for intimidating a real NFL team…….San Antonio Packers!!! heard it here first folks!!! It will happen by 2023!!!

  2. It was a stupid move by our supposed D leader and it cost the Pack a TD and who knows what would have happened if Hundley gets right back on the field after the 3 and out. But it was kind of a cheap shot punch to the neck that precipitated the relatively minor head butt. These guys do that all the time to each other after a good play – but the NFL wants to inflate the kitty so they dole out these fines.

  3. With a team that’s struggling to find it’s new identity, these dumb, mental mistakes can’t happen.
    With such a narrow margin for error, we have to play smarter than ever.

  4. Daniels cost his team in the NFCCG v. Seattle when he ran off the sidelines and got in a Seahags face and was assessed a 15 yard penalty after an interception. GB had the ball inside the Seahags 10 yard line and ended up kicking a FG rather than scoring a TD.

    He screwed his team against the Lions negating a 3 and out and ending the momentum the team had.

    He’s a hot head, out of control fool. Talks tough but is too dense to understand that he is killing his own team. Dude is out of control. I’d cut him, trade him or do anything else because you cannot win with people who cannot control their emotions.

  5. That’s some BS, what is he supposed to do? Stop right there and let the QB throw the ball unchallenged?

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