Hue Jackson thinks Sunday was DeShone Kizer’s best game

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The Browns lost 38-24 to the Lions on Sunday, dropping their record to 0-9 on the season and leaving the team in search of smaller positives to provide hope in the face of their long losing streak.

Despite an audible at the end of the first half that kept the Browns from putting points on the board, coach Hue Jackson found one in the play of quarterback DeShone Kizer. Jackson said that Kizer “played probably the best game he’s played” during his rookie season.

Kizer was 21-of-37 for 232 yards, a touchdown and an interception in the end zone while trying to mount a last-ditch comeback at the end of the fourth quarter. Kizer was knocked out of the game briefly with a rib injury as well, but returned to continue impressing Jackson.

“He was firing up the offense, the defense and the special teams,” Jackson said, via “He was in the game, so the lessons and the conversations that we’ve had, they’re catching on. To me, that’s a good sign. And again, he’s a young player. A young player that’s working at this and trying to get better, but I saw a better version of him today. Is it perfect? No. But I see a guy who is starting to get it and that’s huge.”

Kizer was looking for Ricardo Louis on his interception and Louis had a key drop earlier in that drive, which provided a reminder that Kizer isn’t leading an offense stocked with great receiving options. Corey Coleman is due back soon and Josh Gordon‘s set to play in Week 13, which could set Kizer up for a good finish to the year if he can continue growing as Jackson believes he’s grown in recent weeks.

14 responses to “Hue Jackson thinks Sunday was DeShone Kizer’s best game

  1. The way he had this kid on a yo-yo earlier on the season, makes this sound like he’s talking to keep his job.

  2. The Browns have some talent on their team and it’s up to coaches to mold it into a winning product. No way that team should still be winless at this point in the season. With that said, they will not go 0-16 nor 1-15 for that matter. I can see them beating the Packers and not sure who else is on their docket but they’ll beat someone else.

  3. His best game is not enough to overcome the bad play of the rest of the team including coaching. It is as if Kobe Bryant scores 100 points but they still lost. It does nothing good for the Lakers.

  4. I agree with Hue. As a Lions fan he didn’t look anything like the disaster PFT and PFT commenters have led me to believe he was going to be. Who knows, perhaps he improved over the bye week.

  5. Lions fan here, and I thought Kizer played pretty well. Of course, it helps when you rush for 200 yards. Time of possession was about 34.5 to 25.5 in favor of Cleveland. Stafford was $$ in the last 20 minutes.

  6. If they can manage 3 wins towards the end of the year, I think Hue keeps his gig – but at some point this year they got to get on a little winning streak or Hue doesn’t have a leg to stand on or another timeout to waste.

    Kizer has all the tools but a jello head and I think he is arrogant. If he can change his attitude and stop throwing picks, it would go a long way.

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