Mike Tomlin: Joe Haden is out this week, we’ll leave the light on for him

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Steelers cornerback Joe Haden suffered a fractured fibula in Sunday’s victory over the Colts and the injury will keep him out of the lineup for a while, but word on Sunday night was that he could be back in a few weeks

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin did nothing to dispute that outlook when addressing Haden’s condition on Monday. He said Haden will not play this Thursday against the Titans, but that the team isn’t looking too far beyond that at the moment.

“We’re still in the process of evaluating Joe Haden’s leg injury,” Tomlin said, via the team’s website. “It could be less than we think. It could be more than we think. The reality is he’s not playing this week. We will leave him available to us in the short term until we get a better sense of what the prognosis is. If there’s a chance for him to participate with our team this year, we’ll leave that light on. But we know he’s not playing this week, and so our energies are not on those who are not playing, it’s on those who are.”

Tomlin added said that safety Mike Mitchell could play this week after aggravating a soleus muscle strain against the Colts and that tight end Vance McDonald may also be able to play after hurting his ankle.

5 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Joe Haden is out this week, we’ll leave the light on for him

  1. Tomlin is a strange bird. He talks too much and doesn’t sound terribly bright when he does. But, I digress.

  2. It’s hilarious to me that Tomlin catches so much crap despite never having a losing season, the 9th best winning percentage of all time and a couple super bowl appearances. He’s a very successful coach whether you like him or not and Pittsburgh just doesn’t change coaches very often. Consistency counts and works.

    My issues with him usually involve his occasionally poor clock management and how sometimes Pittsburgh loses trap games and plays down to lower quality teams. That said, players absolutely LOVE Tomlin, who’s renowned among them as a players coach, and treats his players very fairly. He is always listed as one of top coaches other team’s players would want to play for. He’s not going anywhere. Now, Haley on the other hand…

    Go Steelers!

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