Zack Martin in concussion protocol, will not return

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Cowboys right guard Zack Martin will not return. He entered concussion protocol after a hit late in the first half.

Joe Looney replaced Martin on the final series of the first half.

Martin, center Travis Frederick and left tackle Tyron Smith made the All-Pro team last season. Only Frederick has made it through the season without an injury.

Smith returned Thursday after missing the previous two games with a groin injury. He also has dealt with a back injury.

Smith was called for a holding penalty, negating a 34-yard touchdown run by Dak Prescott in the third quarter.

4 responses to “Zack Martin in concussion protocol, will not return

  1. The future HOFer Dak Prescott led Cowboys just set a major futility record for the cowboys. 10 quarters without a TD for the first time in Cowboys history!

    Cue Jerry Jones saying Goodell must go for the good of the league.

  2. Funny to listen to Cowboys haters & at the same time read about on the same site Fraudulent Godell haters say both are ruining the league. 2 truths don’t make a right.
    Fraud goddel has abosoutly ruined the NFL yet jerrah has finally come to his senses since May or when he said Fraudulent godelllll was doing a excellent job. Maybe jerrah sees his stadium half full & the rest of the leagues stadiums half full as an expample of a commissioner who is a fraud.
    Funny to watch Cowboys today & cbs doesn’t show the fans at AT&T Stadium

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