Preston Smith fined $18,231 for roughing Drew Brees

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Thanksgiving night was a good one for linebacker Preston Smith and the rest of the Redskins as they beat the Giants 20-10 to improve to 5-6 on the season.

That record would be even better had they been able to hold onto a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter against the Saints last Sunday. They couldn’t, however, and Smith’s day turned out to be even worse when he got a fine from the league this week.

PFT has confirmed with the the league that Smith was fined $18,231 for a roughing the passer penalty he picked up while hitting Saints quarterback Drew Brees after Brees had delivered an incomplete pass in the first quarter. The penalty gave the Saints a first down and Mark Ingram ran for a 36-yard touchdown a couple of plays later.

Saints cornerback P.J. Williams also picked up a fine for a hit on a quarterback. Williams was fined $9,115 for hitting Kirk Cousins after Cousins slid at the end of a run.

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  1. Redskins should have won that game! Alas, what can you do?
    The Washington Team looks like they could be really good if the roster was healthy. Dangerously good. But they had players starting last night I’ve never heard of- Bergeron? And who the h*** was playing ILB alongside of Zach Brown? And some RB off the Eagles practice squad? Wow, tough year for the Washington Redskins

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