Titans continue to believe in DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry

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Titans fans have criticized DeMarco Murray for some of the holes he chose to run through in the team’s November 16 loss to the Steelers. But the team’s coaches aren’t about to second-guess Murray’s decisions.

“No, no,” Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie said, via Paul Kuharsky of paulkuharsky.com. “I played running back. Certainly, I wasn’t the caliber of [Murray or Derrick Henry]. I played for a couple of years. I coached a guy named Bo Jackson; I coached a guy named Marcus Allen.

“You don’t dare tell them where to run; you don’t dare tell them they missed a hole. No chance. And the same thing with these two guys. You don’t tell them, ‘Hey, put your head down and run in that hole over there.’ [Henry] won the Heisman by doing what he does. Maybe he’s going to miss one, but he’s going to hit five of them. Great runners, you let them run.”

Tennessee gained only 52 yards on 21 carries against Pittsburgh.

Murray, who has played through some hamstring issues, has 117 carries for 443 yards and four touchdowns this season. He has 6,958 yards in his career. Henry has 101 carries for 441 yards and three touchdowns this season.

“I’ve never [played running back], and I’m sure most of those people making those comments haven’t either, to tell our backs how to run, especially DeMarco Murray,” coach Mike Mularkey said. “He’s got 7,000 yards of hitting holes the way he does. I know if we block it better, we should’ve had bigger runs. We had opportunities for much bigger runs than we had [against the Steelers] if we block it better.”

2 responses to “Titans continue to believe in DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry

  1. Some of Murray’s runs reminded me of Trent Richardson runs. Big hole available, and somehow he rams into the pile. Also too, Henry doesn’t look like he understand the offence when he’s in especially the previous weeks when Murray was nursing the hamstring.

    Note the handle I’m a fan, and I watch every snap. I’m only saying what I see, not saying I could do better. But at this time I’m thinking someone else could.

  2. They both seem to be the type of back that need a good amount of carries to get into a rhythm. Either needs to be the feature back and not switched in and out of a line up.

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