Janoris Jenkins in walking boot after Thanksgiving game

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As the 2-9 Giants try to win enough of their remaining games to save Ben McAdoo’s job, they may not have one of their key defensive players.

Via Art Stapleton of USA Today, cornerback Janoris Jenkins wore a walking boot as he exited FedEx Field on Thanksgiving night, due to an ankle injury.

If Jenkins, who has a little extra time to heal before the Giants travel to Oakland next weekend, can’t play, that could make a return of Eli Apple even more important. Inactive last Sunday after missing a couple of days of practice due to his mother having brain surgery, Apple also was inactive for Thursday’s game, ostensibly due to the short work week before facing Washington.

Apple came under scrutiny for not attempting to make tackles in losses to the Rams and 49ers. It’s not clear whether that lack of effort was a factor in the decision to keep Apple off the field on Thursday night. If Apple doesn’t play against the Raiders, it will be time to wonder whether McAdoo is making an example out of the guy who gave the most glaring evidence of Giants players not trying as hard as they should.

4 responses to “Janoris Jenkins in walking boot after Thanksgiving game

  1. Hardly know 4 of them now. I think that #2 receiver was with me at the bar a couple weeks ago. Hope he sobered up for the game. Giants don’t need wins, they need receivers and an o line, then they can think about wins.

  2. Eli Apple is soft, refuses to engage in contact, and is a mommy boy.
    Mama Apple runs her mouth, and Tweets too damn much, is greedy,and wants to be an Agent.
    No wonder the Dad got fed up and left

  3. Save McAdoh’s job? 6-10 is not impossible if they can rally but it won’t be enough for McDonut. The only thing that’d “save” that coach now is if they can’t find a decent replacement before camp.

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