Coby Fleener wasn’t evaluated after big hit, eventually leaves with concussion

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Saints tight end Coby Fleener was on the receiving end of a big shot from Rams defensive back Blake Countess in the fourth quarter of the game, which drew a penalty for Countess for a hit to the head of a defenseless receiver.

The hit was big enough that one would have guessed that someone with the Saints or the concussion spotter upstairs would have called for Fleener to be evaluated for a head injury, but that didn’t happen right away. Tracy Wolfson of CBS reported that Fleener was not tested for a concussion after the hit.

Fleener came back in the game and dropped a pass before eventually being diagnosed with a concussion. He will not return to Sunday’s game and will have to clear the protocol to play in Week 13.

The Saints trail 26-13 with 2:27 left to play in Los Angeles.

8 responses to “Coby Fleener wasn’t evaluated after big hit, eventually leaves with concussion

  1. Players can whine all they want about Thursday football, won’t mean a thing to me until players manage their own health and stop with brutal helmet to helmet hit.

  2. I would like to think the Aint’s will get fined for this, but after witnessing that crap in the 2009 Championship game, it seems as though NO is favored on the level of the packers.

  3. negadelphianinjersey says:
    November 26, 2017 at 8:00 pm
    Why am I getting thumbs downed for that? You guys don’t miss hard hits? It’s not all about Fantasy Football.
    We’re tired of seeing the best players in the game out for large chunks of the season, and we now know what head shots do to people’s brains – that’s why

    And I’m all for big hits. You can still blow a guy up by planting a shoulder into someone’s chest, and that’s fine by me. But leading with your helmet with your hands at your waist? That type of Mike Mitchell BS needs to go – it’ll kill the sport more than anything else people gripe about.

  4. The camera showed him shaking his head with a glassy-eyed look on his face right after the play. How did the officials miss that? They saw enough to call a penalty but still didn’t send him to the tent? The system is broken.

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